Sunday, October 09, 2005

what a girl wants

i got this from my secret pal's blog (yeah, i blew it early, god curse blogger and their habit of assuming you want to comment under your own user name, sigh).

you type "YOUR NAME needs" into google, and see what comes up. apparently, i need a lot of strange stuff. let's see.

Minnie needs a seating system with a scapular height back

Minnie needs some convincing so Mary says they'll use the money to purchase newequipment for the hospital.

minnieneeds to direct her attention to paige (this was on the keanu gossip page (drool))

First of all Minnie needs to get Bit&* slapped (wow! i'm sorry!)

It also appears that Minnie needs to shave her legs before her next performanceas we see small hair folicles on them (no fair, who's looking that close!)

Minnie's needs are more often met with drugs, sex predicated on distorted powergames, rape, and neglect (?!?!?!?!?)

Jeanette had a curious set of circumlocutions, which she used instead of thesimple and vulgar terms which served Minnie's needs

"Minnie" needs more exposure......she should be in magazines, newspapers, talkshows, on t-shirts and baseball caps! (hear hear!!!)

minnieneeds to diet (ok, who's been looking at my scale!)

I think Jan is right, Minnie needs a brotheror sister hint hint By the way, I didn't realize Minnie had a full tail...

ok, that's enough of that. whew, who knew!

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TitaniumRose said...

Interesting... I just may have to try that one tonight for lack of anything real to write about. =)