Tuesday, October 04, 2005


This, mes amies, is crack. Kidsilk crack to be exact! and this picture is actually pretty accurate, colorwise. this came from my secret pal, all the way from the UK! i opened the bag and said, oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck, i've got CRACK!!!!!! I'VE GOT CRACK!!!!!!!!. this is so awesome! and of course a tasty werther's toffee (gone) and a mint in some foreign language. i'm thinking it's german, but since i dont' encounter german much, your guess is as good as mine. it said "addi" on one side and "sube grube (with the funny double dots over the u's, i dont' know how to do it on my keyboard, lol) on the other side. i know it's mint of some sort, because i opened it up to check it out. i will save it for later.

the book on the left is the Belgariad part 1! woohoo, now i can start reading them (yeah, right, i'm swamped with books, lol) and i got my holiday edition of Easy Knitting. woohoo. more reading! (help me, i'm drowning in a sea of books and mags!).

anybody got some good suggestions for what to do with 3 balls of CRACK? how much does birch take? anybody out there know? i'm so in love!

Sean had a lousy morning, but a great day at school. the only points he lost were the last two periods of the day, and he claims it was because he was so antsy and wanted to get home to show us his good point card (the teacher awards points for good behavior/work turned in throughout the day). i'd say 160 out of 180 is purty damn good.

and of course, i found out today that i need to hire an attorney for a hearing that is happening in EIGHT days. sigh. i may see if i can file for an extension.

You might be a redneck if you sent out birth announcements for your new puppies.

Pattern of the Day: Lola Ribbed Socks. yummy. of course the big deal with these is the yarn (hence the name of the pattern) they are superwash merino. oh slobber. i may have to go sock yarn hunting.

Have a nice day


Janine said...

Yeah, KSH gets you that way doesn't it :-)
You will be pleased to know that Birch takes three balls so you are ok. All you need now is the pattern. Of course if you haven't got that Rowan book you could always knit Kiri instead, Same lace pattern and the same number of balls just knit the otherway. Have fun!

Mary in Boston said...

Hi Minnie, saw your comment on Yarn Harlot's blog and left the info there too.

Birch needs 3 balls of Kidsilk Haze, and the pattern is in Rowan Magazine #34...You can usually find it online for sale, or your local yarn store may still have some copies in stock.

Good luck! I'm knitting it too. I'll be checking on your progress.

Anonymous said...

Yay crack... don't find a use for it just yet, will you? :)

Your Secret Pal