Sunday, October 09, 2005


i owe erin
an apology. i forgot to mention the most delicious roving she got me for a prezzie from minneapolis. i apologize, i don't recall where she got it, but it's gorgeous, with streaks of green and purple. and so soft! i can't wait to spin it up (however, i've got all my bobbins full, sigh).

still no piccies, i am battery-less. sigh. little rat child. he claims there was only one battery in the camera, but there are batteries scattered all over the place, sigh.

i'm having some trouble with the hearts in the baby afghan i'm making. i'm going to go back and read the chart, and then see where i screwed up (if it's not a case of errata), and fix the whole row. blech. it has been progressing quite prettily until now.

speaking of the baby afghan, i ended up speaking with the giftee today. sean has her phone number memorized (she made him memorize it just in case while he was there (he hasn't lived there in a year, and he still remembers the number, now why can't he remember ours? he has mark's memorized too, and i have to watch that he doesn't swipe the phone when he's angry with me, and not call mark at all odd hours)), and while i thought he was calling mark, he knocked on the bedroom door at 8:15 this morning and said "someone wants to speak to you." it was karen! she was surprised as well. she is doing well, except she has bronchitis (she gets too run down when she's pregnant, and she's due in 8 weeks (ack, i'd better hustle!)). she has two foster children right now, one of which started kindergarten at 4! her birthday was last week, and she turned 5.

i really think nebraska needs to rethink their law about when a child can start school. sean was barely able to handle it, with a birthday of august 8, while liam was not able to handle it, and ended up repeating first grade. that was the best thing i could have ever done for him (i say i, and not we, because the ex bucked me all the way on it. i prevailed), because it gave him a chance for some maturity, and went from being the youngest in his class to the oldest. he will still only be 18 when he graduates.

if he gets his act back together. he lied to mark and told him that he'd filled out his daily planner, when he hadn't.

what happened to my sweet little boy that would do everything he was told, with a smile on his face and a "yes, mommy, i love you"? this thirteen year old demon is horrible, and tempermental, and sneaky. he snuck a controller out of my room AGAIN, and this time had to dig for it! so the playstation is at mark's, as well as all the video games, AND the gaming books. sean will be allowed to play over there IF he behaves, but liam is being sequestered in the upstairs until we see his grades improve. and his behavior. he ended up in his room all day because he took off when i told him he could ride his bike, and went somewhere he KNEW he wasn't allowed to go (i wouldn't have found out if the neighborkids hadn't told me), and was gone for hours. then he screamed at me, so he lost sweets for today and tomorrow, and refused to stay in his room, so he lost reading at marks. there wasn't much else to to take! is 13 too old to put in the corner?

i am a bad girl. i've given up on the "diet" thing. i've been doing it for 3 weeks, and i havne't lost a single pound. i'm going to try to fit more excercise in my day, and see if that helps. of course, it doens't help that No Frills had milky way dark fun size bars on sale for $2.25 a bag. sigh.

we aren't even going to discuss steph, i need to keep my blood pressure down.

Have a nice Day!


TitaniumRose said...

Aww, I'm glad you liked it! And don't feel like you have to apologize - I just figured you were waiting until you could post a picture. =) I think it came from Creative Fibers in Edina, but don't quote me on that. And don't feel too bad about the blanket issues. I restarted the scarf for my Scarf Me pal 7 times this weekend before finally getting something that's working out at all decently. Now if I can just get the damn thing finished in time!

So are you going to do a hat for the contest at the shop?

Lynne said...

Hey Minnie, sounds like lots is happening in your neck of the woods and most of it crappy - the two guys with cancer is awful. Sorta puts other problems in perspective.