Wednesday, October 19, 2005

bestill my beating heart

i'm not sure what i feel right now, but stephanie just dropped a bombshell, and the boys (liam in particular) are upset. she's moving out. however, she is going someplace safe, at least (no, she's not moving in with her dad, i would not consider that safe). her friend shae is moving in with her mom in missouri (she stayed here because she had a scholarship, but life has become intolerable here, so she's abandoning the scholarship, and moving back in with her mom, and finishing school there), and steph is going with her. apparently they are going to rent out the basement. when steph had been living with her dad (forced to by the state, btw!) there had been talk of her moving in with shae & her family so she could go back to blair to school for her senior year, but the state refused to pay foster care when she was living with her father without them having to pay a dime. heaven forbid it might actually be BETTER for the child to live where she's happy, but, hey, what do i know?

wow. on one hand TWO DOWN, TWO TO GO! on the other hand, we were finally starting to pull a few of the pieces together, from the damaged caused by my ex. sigh. time to let go. she will be 20 in january. she does claim that the plan is to work for now, and then transfer to Northwest Missori State NEXT fall. if she goes back to school at this point, i will consider it a minor miracle.

however, she's leaving some of her stuff. at least it will come back here when/if she goes to school, because there will be no room in the dorms. i'm thinking i'll leave her room alone for a while, and if things look good down there, i'll let liam move down there, and put her stuff out in the main basement.

that has been the plan. the boys' room is small (about 10x10 with bunk beds, 2 dressers, a set of shelves , and 3 doors & a window (the doors take up wall space we can't use), and the boys are growing way too fast. i was looking at liam today while he was talking to mark, and realized the little shit isn't so little any more. he's taller than me, and the only reason i outweigh him is because i'm out of shape. oh my. and his upper lip is getting fuzzy, and i can hear his voice deepening. He's only 13! and just barely (his birthday was late august, if you will recall). ok, it's official, i'm getting old.

back to steph. i'm a little worried, but not like if she was moving down there on her own. i know holly (shae's mom) will make sure she's ok. holly loves her like a second daughter. but still. it's at least 2 or 3 hours away. and liam's crushed. liam hates change. and he misses his sister alot as it is right now (granted, they are half brother & sister, but they were raised as full siblings, and treat each other as such). this is definitely one to work on in therapy. wow.

I did get a little knitting done today. i've gotten 2 rows on teh baby afghan, and a little started on a hat to go with the sweater i posted this morning.

i went to touche, the yarn store that is one block from my therapist's, and bought stuff for my not so secret pal. hope you like it, mamaloo, i'm gonna try to pack it up tonight and mail it in the morning. i hope air mail to canada isn't too expensive, lol.

I also bought more of that lovely green goodness i bought in august for A4A. i figure i can make a hat & a skinny scarf for steph for christmas, since she'd commented that she liked the color. a green christmas indeed. and she did say she'd be home for christmas.

You might be a redneck if you dress to impress no one.
. . . you've ever thrown up in a squad car.
. . . the grocery store manager has to ask yor husband to quit harassing the lobsters. (ew?)

Pattern of the Day: (10-17 & 18) Fruit Patterns. This is for the Jewish festival of Sukkot. They are cute, and i may even find a use for this pattern some day. maybe i'll make knitted fruit to put in a bowl on my table? (like to see someone bite into that, lol! talk about fiber in your diet!)

10-19 Bulky Drop Stitch Vest. cute but it's been done before. ever see the vest on a knitting magazine cover a few years back (almost 3 years ago, i believe) that was done with colinette point 5. sigh.

have a nice day


Alcariel said...

Sorry to hear that stuff has been so crazy for you! Are you going to be at SoP this Thursday? I'll be there (finally) and I'll have my socks that I finished along too.

I still need to go to Touche. I keep forgetting, or I'm sleeping during the day on my days off. I've got to try to get there soon.

Guernseygal said...

It is always difficult to let go. My son is 19 doesn't really kno what he wants to do and is still livivng at home. I dread the thoght of him moving out but I know that one day it will have to happen

TitaniumRose said...

Extra hugs for you tonight. =) I'm sure it'll be hard on the boys for awhile but I'm sure they'll adapt. Steph isn't leaving to get away from them or you so that's got to help. And knowing who she's moving in with and that she'll have an adult you trust keeping an eye on her should help put your mind at ease. One thing that might help appease the boys - tell them that this means they've got somewhere to take nice little road trips to now. =)