Saturday, October 01, 2005

blogger strikes again

ok, gang, this is getting annoying. last night, i went to post a comment on someone else's blog, and it said blogger would be down for maintenance from 430 to 530 pacific time. that's 730 my time when they SHOULD have been done. HAH! it was still down when i went to bed at 11. liars.

oh happy dance! i have pics again! these are the "special" hats i made for a4a. the apple green ad dark green both have double cables, whilst the other one is a single cable, but done in 2 colo(u)rs. (that u is for you canadians, so you can understand my post).
This hat has white stripes in my own handspun, as well as the variegated green. i hate wasting yarn, and this seemed a good choice to use up my handspun without having to dye it. i was told tiny bits of light colors were ok.
This is my sweater. yeah, looks kinda boring right now, doesn't it. that's ok, i've got better pictures for later. and i'll even post a pic of the pattern, if you ask sweetly. the pooling started with the 3rd ball of yarn, not the first two. go figure. and i'm guessing on where the balls started and stopped as i tied knots (gasp!) (drum her from the knitting corps!), and every frigging ball had a knot in it. sigh.

This is 27 squares that are going to Lisa "Queen of Squares" who joines these things to make blankets for various projects for AC4C. this month's project is Caring for Canadians, so i'm doing mostly squares. i did do a few bootie/hat combos, but i'll let lisa deal with canadian customs, lol. i will give her postage money though.
This is the last hat/bootie set i finished for C4C. these plus the others and the squares are in the dryer as we speak. i tend to ship all the month's stuff on the first day of the following month. i've got the envelopes addressed, and eagerly awaiting the trip to the PO.

Sigh. Liam did it again. he's been having nightmares, and talking alot in his sleep lately, and having an upset stomach, and i thought it had something to do with his BF getting out of prison earlier this month. well, the other shoe dropped today. i got his report card. one A, one B, one C, one D & THREE F's. all the f's said missing assignments. sigh. he's been lying to us. "got any homework?" "nope." "how's school?" "fine." "what did you do today?" "the usual." well that's coming to a screeching halt. i am going to email each of his teacher's he's failing, and find out what assignments were missing (no, he gets no chance to make them up, i just want to know for GP), and when. and yes, the D counts as failing as far as i'm concerned. if he doesn't know math well enough to get better than 75% of it right, we' ve got issues. sigh. also, he will be bringing all his work home, done or not. i wanna see it. i want proof it's been done. andi will email his teachers daily to make sure he's turned his assignments in. sigh. i thought we'd solved this last year at the end of the school year, but apparently, it's not so. god, i hate teenagers. (actually, i love liam to pieces, but his attitude since school started has distinctly gone down hill. he's definitley 13).

dont' ask about work, same shit, different day, sigh.

Tomorrow is teh big football party. Iowa State (mark's alma mater) plays Nebraska (gee, who do you think i'm gonna root for?) and it's televised. mark and his old roommate have had a party for this game every year, and we are continuing the tradition. granted, brad doesn't live there any more, but he had it at his house last year, so it's our turn. mark was smoking featherbones when i left, and had the intention of pouring a gallon of Cookie's BBQ sauce (my absolute fav!) all over them, and putting them in the electric roaster to simmer all night. god, i'm drooling. Then he's gonna smoke 6 chickens in the morning, and i'm baking brownies, and green bean casserole. Everybody else is bringing food too, so we ought to be bulging by the tiem the game is over. i'm even thinking about buying some special edition Eddy's Husker Craze ice cream, just to irritate the Iowa State fans in the house. of course, mark is nervous as hell, and refuses to discuss anything plan wise until the party is over. sigh. and rehearsal has been moved to sunday, so the weekend is shot.

You might be a redneck if you ahve to mow around a refrigerator and a bed frame.
. . . you taught your three-year-old to give Jeff Gordon "the finger." (good man!)

Pattern of hte Day (9/29): Kathy's Mittens. these are done on DPNs, but look amazingly simple, and are connected by I-cord. and come in a huge number of sizes! yeehaw!
9-30: Twillish stitch. this looks like it has potential, i'm just having trouble with one itty bitty thing. there's an abbreviations that says "yrn." wtf is that? email me, and i'll give you more specifics, i don't want to violate copywright here.

What i'm reading:
Lord John and the Private Matter, by Diana Gabaldon (i'm waiting for my copy of Breath, so i'm making do with this. it's good, but i miss Claire) (listening in the car)
Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie (listening to in the house)
Angel Fire EAst by Terry Brooks.

i finished Straken, by terry brooks, which was the final book in the High Druid of Shannara series, and frankly, the ending was highly disappointing. it was massive action 30 pages from the end, and then the bad lady is dead, and all her cohorts, and the boy gets the girl because the aunt makes a sacrifice, and meh. it's over. what crap. you can do better than that terry. i'm disappointed.

and here's a fun meme for ya! this is from mary

Pick up the book that is closest to where you're sitting right now.
1. What are the book's title and author? "
Castle Roogna by Piers Anthony

2. Turn to page 127. Locate the third paragraph, first sentence. Type that sentence here:
"So at night - it was hard to tell the time of day down here, but Jumper had an excellent sense of time - they set about sneaking out."

3. Does the sentence make sense out of context?
sort of, this is aXanth book, so a lot of the book stands on its own.

4. Seeing it sitting here by itself, out of the book, is it funny? Sad? Strange? Does it make you want to explore its source?
it's ok, it's one of those "things that make you go hmmm."

5. Are you currently reading this book?
Nope. i had it sitting next to the computer desk because i'd listed it on

ok, go ahead, every body, you do it! leave me a comment with your blog if you do, andi 'll come visit (i'm always looking for excuses to read blogs, lol).

Have a nice day!


Amie said...

My stepson is 13 now, and he's good at it. We've always had a lot of problems with him and school because he has some really severe learning disabilities that his mother refuses to believe need treatment. "He's just not applying himself" so when he does think he's applying himself and it doesn't work, he just gives up. And I don't think it's gonna get easier when he gets even more ensconced in his teens.

Lynne said...

Wow - sounds like your 13yo has hit that uncommunicative stage really well! His teachers will go nuts with the emails but at least you care about him.
I might do the meme. I have a good book in front of me.
Hope the party went well - sounds like a lot of work but a lotta fun too!

Gina said...

YRN appears to mean Yarn Round Needle aka yarn over.