Wednesday, September 28, 2005


damn, blogger's being an ass again. (gee, if i do this often enough, do you think they will either a) fix the problem or b) kick my ass out?) it is not even attempting to upload the pictures. usually it's just ok, we're done, proceed with your post, and there's no pic. this time i got a red message saying that the pics weren't uploaded.

i was gonna show you my sweater! i've progressed into the cables, and i'm liking how it looks, even if it's a variegated. the yarn is so thick, you can't help but see the diamonds. is amazing! i've had requests for 2 books so far, and i've had one of my requests mailed, and the second is being emailed to the person as we speak. cool!

work was a major pain, and boring as all get out. i'm actually looking forward to mail (i dont' usually care for it). at least i'll have something to do between calls. i did look at the wedding portion of one of our catalogs, and i've seen some things i'm definitely interested in. however, since i've almost maxed out my allotment (we can buy up to $500 in merchandise a year, and i've got $50 left for christmas!), i have to wait until the new year. some interesting things, though!

and now to the exploration. i'm not going to go into details, but mark and i are venturing into a different part of our lives together, and i'm excited. this is somewhere neither of us has gone before, and i'm discovering parts to myself that i never knew existed. i think he is too. and while this was at his suggestion, i'm actually enjoying taking the initiative, and finding things/ideas to make this turn work. i'm not usually a take-charge kind of gal on my own (put me there, and i'm all for it, but on my own? meh), but this is intriguing me in ways i wasn't expecting. i do apologize for the vagueness, but i'm more into exploring the feelings of how this is working, and trying very hard not to "tell all." i have to have SOME privacy in my life, lol.

you might be a redneck if you think the yellow pages has to do with training a new puppy.

Have a nice day!


Cindy said...

Thanks for stopping by to view my socks and thank you for your kind compliment. I am sorry your blog has been such a pain lately, I hope you can get it fixed. Your vagueness about your new "turn" is intriguing. I hope it work out the way you hope it will.

Alcariel said...

Are you going to be at sit and knit tomorrow/today (blast this stupid night schedule!)? I've got pretty finished socks to show off! If not, then I'll get pics while I'm there and post them on my blog (going to do this anyway), but just wanted to know if you're going to be there, and to see my new knitting stance...I swear that I'm going to sit sideways in one of those black chairs! dishful of chocolate chips for me as a snack. I'm way too hyper!

Anonymous said...

SP6 here - just checking in to say 'hi, haven't forgotten you...' There should be one parcel on the way and there's another sitting here waiting to hear that the first arrived safely! ;-)

*Love* the purple socks, and am waiting patiently to see the sweater pics!

Lynne said...

Minnie, when you say you and mark are moving into a different phase and you are taking the initiative, my first thought involved leather and whips and handcuffs. LOL! I am so bad!