Thursday, September 01, 2005

this really stinks

2 days from the boys' trip to independence, and our mini-vacation in a hotel witha hot tub, and i get a stinking cold. shit. right now i can't breathe through my left nostril, and my head hurts. i've been sneezing all day. hell's bells.

i didn't get a lot done, because they sent me to mail this morning, and by 1230, i was RTOed. ah well, at least it was just one day this week. would have been nice to get 60 hours on this check, though. i sign up for all kinds of time off, and they still rtoed me. sigh.

on a happy note, the deadline for a4a has been extended to sept 26. this means i can dig out my forest green roving, and spin some up to make stuff. cool beans. i just found out last year that sherril, my brothers now wife (they snuck off to the jp, and got married and didn't tell anybody, the little shits) is allergic to wool, and i had bought this stuff 2 1/2 years ago with the intent of spinning up something for her. alas and alack.


i donated to the american red cross, and you should donate too. they don't need anything but MONEY down there right now, so that's what i did. go to Deb's website, she's got a link in today's post to Knitaid. i'm too tired and sick to try to figure out a button right now (you'll notice an embarassing lack of buttons, i haven't figured that bit out yet.)

also, i joined the Dulaan brigade. i figure i can just run an accumulating box until next june, and away it will go.

i also mailed my august contribution to Warm Hearts-Warm Babies, who was August's project for AC4C.

not bad for an afternoon off, and sick at that!

You might be a redneck if you received diapers as a graduation present (now you can take this two ways, one, you have a baby when you graduate, or two, you took so long to graduate you need depends, i vote for #2)

Pattern of the Day: Bobble Hat. this hat looks cute! i like it lots. i may make one for the dulaan project.

Have a nice (germfree) day

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TitaniumRose said...

Hang in there honey, I feel your pain. I hope y'all manage to have an awesome weekend anyway. =)