Thursday, September 15, 2005

stirring & stirring & stirring my brew!

This, boys & girls, is 20 yards of soaked cheesecloth, destined to be 20 yards of BLACK cheesecloth. i'm staring on the halloween costumes, and i'd better hurry!

This is my witch's brew. actually it's two packages of black rit dye and a cup of salt, and what i hoped wouldn't bee too much water.(ok, so it's not, blogger is being an ass, and i dont' want to play any more!)

This is the pot full of 20 yards of presoaked cheese cloth. right now it's in the washingmachine soaking in cold water, because i'm tired of playing in the sink, and my fingertips are grey (i know, i shoulda wore gloves, go tell it to the judge). i'll spin it out and add more water later.

and these are my sockpal socks! yes, kate, they do fit! these came from Kate Skaare, in melrose, MA. she calls them dragon socks, because with the pattern she chose, and the colors, they look like dragon scales. i can't agree more!

here are the dirty details:

Lorna's lace shepherd sock # 902 Funky Stripe

pattern : Bety's sox, newport waves, by jeannie townsend

needles addi's # us1, 40 inch and she used magic loop for the first time. i think ya did good, gal!

the best part, is they are machine washable and dryable! woot!

go check out her blog, i'm going to as well. haven't heard from my sock pal, so i hope she likes them!

YOu might be a redneck if you've ever been hunting on a tractor (whistles and has a gee whiz, look)

Pattern of hte day : Seaman's cap. this is cute, and very adaptable. definitley one for the charity watch.

and as yarnivorous says, there's your lot!


TitaniumRose said...

wow, good luck with the cheesecloth adventure! =)

The socks look awesome, and so very YOU.

So I have to ask, did you have enough of that green yarn at home to finish the little double cable hat last night?

Jan said...

Ohh!!! Kate Skaare was my SP5 Secret Pal - she spoiled me! She is a really neat gal! Great-looking socks!

Alcariel said...

And what is the costume that the cheesecloth is going for? Curious minds want to know!

vi said...

btw, you are such a smart ass
who loves ya kid?