Monday, September 12, 2005

not for the squeamish

This actually looks pretty good. this is worse than it iappears. i was working in the yard yesterday, and apparently ran into something not so good for me. this started as a little scratch on my arm, and now i've got a lovely little rash on my arm, the top of my right thigh, and on the right side of my face down by my chin. the last time i had a rash like this, it went away in a day or two. i'll have to watch this, and see. if it's not gone by knit night or so, i'm declaring poison ivy. sigh.

Sorry, no pic of the woolspun sweater, it's pissing me off again! the sleeves look like popeye sleeves, and i'm not happy with that, so it' sitting. as i have this lovely red protuberance on my arm anyway, i think i'd better stick to acryl-ick for now. i'll make some stuff for AC4C (as all that stuff is highly machine washable, lol).

now solemn stuff.

my ex-husband, and the boys' ex-father (he relinquished his parental rights in february) got out of prison today. i'm feeling a bit odd about it. i drove past his girlfriend's house where i last saw his truck parked (she used to be my best friend, but took sides in the divorce, sigh), and found out the house is for sale. i don't know what to think, because that was the address i was going to use for the protection order. sigh. stephanie is very aware of it (she answered the phone that had the recorded message saying he'd been released) but i don't know if the boys have thought about it or not. we have therapy tomorrow night, and i am almost hoping she doesn't bring it up. sean has been very good since the "come to jesus" meeting thursday night. he even impressed the nurse-practitioner today with his good behavior (sean hates talking about himself and his behavior, and as a result, bounces til he kills the springs in any chair he's in). i don't want to crash that. i did give both schools pictures of the crud, with the instructions that there is to be NO CONTACT. and they know that only mark, steph, and myself are allowed to pick the boys up in case of emergencies.

still, an oogie subject.

You might be a redneck if the police have to tak to youa bout your bonfires.

Pattern of the Day: Poncho. looks very easy, with a small cable running up the middle. but it's fringed (i see no earthly excuse for fringe, other than it's a waste of yarn)

Have a nice day!


Michelle said...

I've never had poison ivy, but I have excema, so I hope you're not itching too horribly!

I hope your ex doesn't bother you or your children. I'll send up a prayer for you.

TitaniumRose said...

Creeping crud - how lovely. =) Hang in there hon, I hope it clears up soon.

Good luck with the ex situation. I hope the boys are doing alright and that Sean doesn't have any major problems because of this. Maybe the house being for sale is a good thing - maybe it means they're going to move farther away from you. I'll be keeping some of those messed up muscles in my back crossed for you. =)

Sandysknitting said...

Oh, Minnie, that rash is positively ICKY. I am sending itchy sympathy your way. Benadryl? It doesn't really help, it just puts me to sleep so I don't notice how miserable I am.
Hope it's fading as we speak!