Monday, September 26, 2005

am i that far off base?

ok, i don't think i'm being THAT old-fashioned, considering this is MY house. steph asked about the rule "no boys in her room" because she wants to watch a movie with the guy she's dating (who i havent' met yet, and just found out about TONIGHT!), but her dvd player is in her room. i told her no, but that i'd get out the playstation, and they could watch it in the living room. apparently, we are not going to be home during this viewing. please tell me i'm not being old-fashioned! granted, if i am, it's not going to change my mind, but still, i didn't think i was that much of a square.

when asked why not her room, i said because there isn't a BED in the living room. her comeback was the sofa was a lot more comfortable than her bed. lol, i can just see her getting jiggy on the sofa, and the cushions sliding and eating them! anyway, i'm trying to let go (i didn't have the care and keeping of her for 3 years, and i'm desperately trying not to "make up for lost time" and realize that she is going to be 20 in a little over 4 months), so that's why i'm not throwing a fit over her being in the house alone with a guy, but i draw the line at the bedroom. hell, she didn't have to tell me, and i do appreciate her asking, and i told her that. however, it ain't happenin' if i'm around. and believe it or not, i do think she respects me enough to follow THAT rule at least. i don't have many rules for her (again, she'll be 20 in a few months) but i do ask a few things. call if you're going to be staying somewhere else (preferrably before midnight) and be home by 2 am if not (i can get back to sleep at that point). do your own laundry, and wash your own dishes (unless i feel like giving the boys a really good consequence (i know, i'm an evil mommy)). i'll feed you if you want to eat what we're eating, and i will take your wishes into account. after all, i would give that consideration to any adult i'm living with. i hope she realizes i'm trying to treat her like an adult. sigh.
ok, i'm doing the happy dance! my piccies are back! you're in trouble now! i got these 3 books from the knitted babes was recommended by clara over at KR and i thought it was cute.

and it is. i think, however, my fav of these 3 has to be the knitting goddess, EZ. she was a woman i could have definitely gotten along with, and i feel that much poorer for never having known her before her passing.

poo, blogger let me post one, and then futzed out on me. ok, next time i'll show you the stuff i sent to a4a.

i'm squaring away, and i've got over 15, maybe 20 squares as we speak. they'll go in the mail saturday since that's OCTOBER 1! ack!! halloween costumes call my name!

miss caseworker showed up early, and mark ended up talking to her for half an hour before i got here. bitch. she's recommending closing the case this time. of course, that was going to be her recommendation last time, but she withdrew it because of the conniption fit that both the GAL and the county attorney threw, lol. i think liam is ready, but sean is not. he still needs some major help, and closing the case will close the door on his help, because there is no way i can afford family therapy, individual therapy for sean and me, and CTA services as well. sigh. just the fact that he needs CTA services should tell her that he's not ready yet. sigh.

and just to show how unready he is, i let him play outside, and he went outside the boundries to the point that he went to the local drugstore 4 blocks away (without asking or telling anyone) when he wasn't supposed to go more than 2 blocks away (he can still hear me that far away). sigh. mark ended up hunting for him, and found him there. sigh. and he was a wild child for the rest of hte night. there was no controlling him, short of sitting on him. (and i threatened it, that's for bloody sure)

the funny part, is mark has never heard me call the boys before. i stuck my head out the front door, and bellowed. i could hear mark in the living room going "damn, she's got a set of pipes" and steph replying "well, we never missed dinner." you have to realize, i grew up with parents that had no idea how loud they were/could be. as a child, it wasn't unusual for us to be as far as 1/4 a mile away from the house on the farm, and hear either my father (who bellowed like i do), or my mother (who is so high pitched it can be painful) call us in. right now, if i take my mom to the doctor, and they do something unexpectedly painful (like when she fell, and they had to remove the skin she'd scraped), i have to hold my ears. and this woman is 78. kinda comical, actually, since itty bitty ole me can bring up a voice like that.

anyway, i'm tired, tomorrow's another busy day, and steph just asked me to hook the ps2 up, sigh.

You might be a redneck if you win the pickled egg eating contest and nobody in your family will ride home with you (ew!)

Pattern of hte Day: Diagonal Drop-stitch Scarf. a mini-clapotis? could be. dunno, too tired to look closer.

Have a nice frigging day!

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Michelle said...

My opinion about your daughter and her's your house, your rules. If you are comfortable with the beau in her bedroom, fine...if not, that's fine also.

Hubby bought my copy of A Breath of Snow and Ashes first thing this morning! Now I'm going to finish The Fiery Cross in earnest.

Take Care