Monday, September 19, 2005

moving at turtle speed

yes, folks, that is what it means. i've started the turtle for good this time. i finally had to break down and find a piece of scrap yarn (gasp, not here, not scrap yarn!), and use it as a marker, as you do not finish the rounds on this thing, but just keep going in a spirally spiral. i had to rip that fucker out 6 times (i never got past row 7, cuz i'd lose track), before i gave in. now the head is finished and stuffed (this is a stuff as you go, apparently) and the body progresseth.

final count for a4a was 13 hats, 1 pr mittens, 2 prs socks, and one vest. i'm pleased. they were all washed last night, and actually all feel dry, but after listening to ladies on AC4C talk about condensation in zippies, i've decided to give it one more day to dry, and then i'm packing the box up and shipping it tomorrow after i get the boys home from therapy. it's going priority, so it should be ok.

and no pics, sorry.

i'm up WAY too late (been grooving on the crochet and miss marple on the tape deck) and i have to get liam up early because he didn't finish his homework and he doesn't have a free period before math (sigh, what i do for my kids).

You might be a redneck if your wedding day began in a liquor store and ended in a tattoo parlor.
. . . you think your dog is "house trained" because that is the only place he will go (ew!).

Pattern of the Day: Shawa Mitten. i dont' know where the name for this came, cuz it's obviously not named for the yarn (dgb confetti #113). but this is on 2 circs, and has instructions for fingerless ones as well. may have to think hard on this one, i've been thinking about making fingerless mits for mark's dad (he likes those kinds of things, and he's a tough one to craft for)

Have a nice day!

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TitaniumRose said...

Aren't most men hard to craft for? About the only thing I can make for Rob is hats. Oh, and one scarf, but that's it. It's about the same for the rest of the guys. Oh well, guess that leaves more time to craft for the girls. =)