Sunday, September 11, 2005

a moment of silence

on this annivesary of one of the most horrible things to happen on us soil, i ask for you to pause, and remember those that we lost that horrible, horrible day.

i won't go into where i was or what i was doing that day, but i will say this. the next day, every porch on my street had an american flag. the day they asked us to burn candles, i put up my father-in-law's burial flag (i had to hang it special, it stretched the entire length of my porch), and burned a candle.

now, regardless of your political affiliations, or beliefs, remember this. those people died, but let's hope they didn't die in vain.

a lot of people are saying that katrina puts a lie to our goverment's "readiness" and its willingness to help. i will say this. governments aside, i have seen the greatest outpouring of love, and aid i have ever seen. my sons, 11 & 13 years old, have donated their birthday money to help. hell, liam even wanted to give his favorite teddy bear so some little boy could have one. (liam had this same reaction 4 years ago, but then, he came down stairs, in tears, and said " i want to give this teddy bear to some one who lost their daddy or mommy (made me cry myself, and frankly, i'm crying now at the memory)).

so, let's have a moment of silence for them as well.

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janine said...

Your children are a credit to you not all children would be so generous :-)