Saturday, September 17, 2005

this must be the ugliest hat in the world

ok, blogger is being an ass. we'll see if this actually posts. just pretend the picture is there, if it isn't. sigh. this has got to be the ugliest hat i have ever made in my entire life. the blue is the left overs from the a4a vest. the white is my chunky handspun. the brown is the remains of the lamb's pride bulky. and those itty bitty bits are waht are left over after i finished the hat. not bad, eh? (i'm imagining y'all are impressed). the blue is crocheted, double crochet, the white is partially stocking and partially seed, and the brown is seed, with a crochetd cast off, and crocheted strings. and it's warm. trust me, whose head do you think tried it out? i ran out of blue, hence the helmet shape, lol.

ok, now pretend this little red x is an apple green hat being modeled by sean. i don't know why he was making the face he was, but it was kinda cute. i was trying to show as much of the hat as possible. steph likes the color, but didn't care for the style, so i will just give the next hat i'm making to a4a, and buy more later.

this is gonna be a crafty christmas for her! i'm making her a turtle, a sweater from cast on (i have to find that blasted magazine!), and a hat. and she has alread given approval of all the patterns, so i'm in like flynn! (she doesnt' know she's getting them for xmas, though) uh oh, that's her brakes squeaking in the back, i better cheese it!

You might be aredneck if the only thing that you've ever hit with a baseball bat is a mailbox.

Pattern of the Day: Garter STitch CArdigan with Set-in Sleeves. this is nice, but for a regular sweater knitter, i can see this being a non-pattern. must be the yarn that makes it special (ah yes, ashford tekapo , wonder if it's the same ashford as made my wheel?)

oh and for all those dy(e)ing to know what i'm doing with 20 yards of black cheesecloth, liam is going to be a ring wraith for halloween, and i liked the thought of the cheesecloth fluttering as he stalks the neighborhood. (we're sword hunting as we speak, lol)

Have a nice day!

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