Saturday, September 24, 2005

do you want them?

because, frankly, right now i'd take a plug nickel for the pair of em. you can guess what pair i'm talking about. they've been very juvenile (i know, they're kids, but this a level of immaturity i'm not used to out of either one of them).

it doesn't help i didnt' go to sleep til almost 5 this morning, and have been trying to catch up ever since. i was reading the second summer of the traveling pants, and i just didn't get sleepy. this after having woke up at 5, and not going back to sleep after talking to mark per my usual routine. hmmm. sumpin's up. so i read alot, and then got bored and frogged the poncho i had made for oregon. it was comfortable, and warm, and i actually got compliments on it, but i decided i didn't like it, so i frogged it. i'm making the diamond coat from cast on. it specifically calls for the same yarn, and since i over bought the stuff by the ton, i just might have enough here in the stash to do it. i'm about 12 inches up on the left front as we speak. and yes, this is for MOI! imagine that, me knitting for me. (checks me for a fever)

and speaking of fevers, it's hot as hell. actual air temp isn't so bad, but it sprinkled a good part of the morning, and the humidity is through the roof. i feel like i'm swimming (when i'm not light-headed from exhaustion). i was unable to go out and buy fabric for the costumes, sigh. and my caseworker is coming monday, and the house is a mess.

i'm not going to try to post pics tonight, since i contacted blogger yesterday and haven't heard from them yet.

i finished the pumpkin hat & one set of booties, only to realize the booties were too small for the hat, so i made a second hat, to go with the first booties, and now i'm making a second set of booties to go with the first hat. sigh. i'm confuzing my self.

prime example of my exhaustion level. i've been listening to books on tape in the car and at home, and had finished A Pocket full of Rye, and had taken it back to the library, since they had a book on hold for me (check the bottom, i'll put what i'm reading, lol). apparently, i took the tape that i was listening to in the car in, instead of Pocket. discovered it an hour later when i was running to pick sean up after his guitar lesson. i had to run back to the library, give them Pocket, and retrieve the one i was listening to. sigh.

What i'm reading
Straken by Terry Brooks
The Labours of Hercules by Agatha Christie (it stinks to get stuck mid-labour) (car tape)
Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie (house tape)

You might be a redneck if diners change tables when your family sits near them.

Pattern of the Weekend: Teddy Bear Jumper. this is tiny, and precious. too cute! very doubt i'll use it though, i tend to design myself for my kids' stuffies. (did you know in quebec they call stuffed animals tou-tous?)

have a nice day

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Michelle said...

Thanks Minnie.

I've already asked my husband to pick me up a copy tomorrow on his way to work. Don't have to tell me twice.

Get yourself some sleep, woman! Have a hot cup of tea, coffee, milk? and try to relax.