Monday, September 05, 2005

worse (and better) than i thought

well, this weekend went better & worse than i thought. i felt great when i got up, saturday, so thought i was whipping the cold. did my running around after the boys left, and picked up mark after rehearsal, and headed to the hotel. had a tasty dinner (we bought famous dave's and reheated it in the microwave that came with the room), and a nice soak in the hot tub. watched the race (mark's a nascar fan) and fell asleep. woke up with an upset stomach that never went away all day, and ended up being sick all day. hardly ate anything, and had a hard time staying awake yesterday afternoon. however, it didn't end up being as bad as you may think.

while we had (ahem) other plans for the day, we ended up doing a lot of talking. found out a few things i hadn't known before, and so did he. and he missed the boys alot. this was a new feeling for him. i didn't miss them one bit, but that's because i've been down that road before, and knew that if they'd been gone longer than 2 days, i'd have felt differently. TRIED to eat dinner (ordered the mildest mexican possible to go from a nearby restaurant), and then soaked in the hottub again, and watched the other race.

woke up this morning, and mark got sick. we both think this is the same garbage liam had last week. apparently the gift that keeps on giving! mark ended up staying home, and since he heard a funny grinding noise while he was checking my transmission fluid, he called his parents and asked if i could borrow their van, since liam's grandmother had given him a schwinn bike for his birthday. i get over there, and Dad insisted on going with me, didn't want me to go by myself. that was fine, except he insisted on driving all the way to platte city, which is over 150 miles. needless to say, my butt was sore, i had a headache, and i had to say something twice about stopsigns/lights. sigh. i hope i don't drive like that when i'm 78. he wanted me to drive after that "since you know where you're going." i never relinquished the wheel after that.

and stuffed the van with the boys' loot. i really don't think 11 year old boys need $100 bills, but hey, i'll just make sure he doesn't lose it, until he's ready to spend it. lord knows when that will be, since their step-grandpa took them to toys r us, and it never left his pocket.

all in all, not a bad weekend, and i actually did get some knitting done on the way down. i'm up to 5 hats for a4a, and i'm almost done seaming the second mitten. since my knitting bag got left in Dad's van (leave it to two boys who are supposed to be emptying the van of "everything" can leave my knitting bag in there!), i started a sacque that i'm altering in some woolspun i found in the tub with my green roving that i'm spinning up for something for a4a. btw, the deadline was moved to 9-26 since they weren't getting very much stuff, and wanted to fill their container. i'm going to work until the 19th, wash my stuff, and pack a flat-rate box and ship it off around the 22nd. i'm hoping the stuff is dry by then.

You might be a redneck if you get yoru mail sent to a po box because you can't spell or pronounce your street name.
. . . you attend a parent-teacher conference wearing flip-flops (now wait a minute! maybe if you were the teacher!)
. . . you use a bungee cord as a seat belt.

Pattern of the Day:
9-2: Autumn in Vermont Felted Tote. this is cute, but not my bag (ha ha!)
9-5: Dayna Raglan Collared Cardigan. This is cute, but i bet i could make it cheaper than that!

Have a nice day
(and i promise at least one pic tomorrow, i'm too tired today)

Edit: BTW, sock pal, whenever you can send my socks is fine with me. going overseas, eh? care to send me a souvenir, too, lol? (JK!)

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