Tuesday, September 27, 2005

piccies (i hope?)

this is the final tally of what i sent to a4a. that is 12 hats, one vest, 2 pairs socks, and i pair mittens. the lighter purple ones are my handspun socks, dyed with walmart koolaid. this stuff always turns out a purply brown, but for some reason, these didn't dye quite right, and i ended up with two tones. hmmm. and yes, i crammed it ALL into a flat rate priority postage box, and was told, that actual price would have been $8.50. i did it again, lol.

This is moving at turtle speed. the head and the first part of the body. it's kind of a tedious crochet, because it's done with baby yarn on smaller hooks. sigh. it's not abandoned, but i've stopped for the nonce.

These are the baby hats/booties sets that i've been making. this used up almost all of my orange yarn, so i may have to buy more if i decide to do those for the october project (i doubt it, i've got two skeins of camo yarn that i think i'll use up next month, as well as "guy" colored stuff for the ships project, which is also next month's project. the white thing to the right is freezer paper, because i had to ship a book. i've joined the Paperback Swap Club, and for every book i ship to someone else, i get a credit to ask someone to ship one to me. apparently, somebody is into zen stuff, because i had a copy of Zen Keys that my ex had left, and it got snapped up the day after i posted it. this is actually quite fun, and they do hardbacks as well. if you're interested, holler, and i'll give you my email addy, cuz i get a credit if you put me down as a referral. i've got a book on my way here as we speak, lol.

ok, on that note, blogger died in the piccie department again. sigh. i was gonna show you my progress on my sweater coat. i've started the cable panel, so this is going to be cool!

well, steph's date went well. apparently, she wanted to do something that wouldn't cost either of them anything but gas money (he lives in fremont), so they did watch movies here, UPSTAIRS. see, i told ya she'd follow my rules, dorky as they may be. i found out she's only been "dating" this guy since Sunday, although she's known him since the beginning of August. crazy kid. now i don't feel so bad about not knowing she was dating someone. they were watching the remade "longest yard" when we got here after therapy, so i made the boys go in their room, and retreated to mine so they could have some "peace." granted, with two young teen boys in the next room, peace is debatable, and defined by your level of ability to ignore children bellowing at the top of their lungs, singing home on the range (sean's been watching too much jimmy neutron), and hollering "i gotta crap!" (that was liam, this is a nightly ritual with him, nothing new there).

i apologized to steph later, and she said he actually thought it was funny, it reminded him of when he was that age (all of 10 years ago, sheesh, he's 23!). he seems a very nice kid, and although i didnt' get a good look at him while he was here (she doesn't believe in turning on lights when watching tv), i did get to see a pic, since steph took one with my camera to show her friends. cute kid.

this is a female discussion warning. those of you who are a) squeamish or b) male can move on, and i'll let you know when i'm done.

i do believe that i may have started menopause. i've had hot flashes off and on for the last week (and my period ended sunday), so i'm hopeful. in fact, it's in the low 70's in here right now, andi'm sweating. cross your fingers for me vi! (after you drool on your chickens). of course, i've also had icky headaches all week too, but i might be able to attribute that to my barometer head, sigh.

ok, you can read again!

you might be a redneck if you've ever taken a date flowers you stole from the cemetary (good god, i can hear grandma spinning in her grave as we speak!)

Pattern of the Day: Poncho Sweater. this iskind acute, but idn't kn ow if i could get away with wearing it. i'm small as it is, and anything oversized tends to look like i'm wearing my daddy's clothes (not that he was a big man either!). maybe i'll make it for steph (yeah, right)

have a nice day!

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