Saturday, September 10, 2005

welcome to minnie's salon

now granted, these are pictures of tomatoes, and not hair, but still. i still have 8 tomatoes left after all this! and more coming on. sigh.

the reason why i'm beginning to think this place is a salon is the fact that i dyed stephanie's hair last night (at her request (i almost fainted)), and that she talked me into helping her dye her friend ashley's hair tonight. i ended up putting the dye in because steph didn't want to be blamed if there were any spots missed, but i think i did alright. we'll see later, i suppose, lol.

I GOT TO GO TO KNIT NIGHT! i had a ball! thanks again, erin for inviting me. i had so much fun, even if i couldn't stay but an hour. i'm definitely going to try to make it again! and wonder of all wonders, i walked out without buying more yarn!

i finished another hat last night at SoP, and started another one, that i'm almost halfway through with. the vest is driving me batty. i've frogged the blasted thing 3 times! i think i finally fell upon a satisfactory size, so i'm going with it. wish me luck. i'll post a pic later.

You might be a redneck if your third-grade class had a no-smoking section.
. . . you've ever passed an afternoon by watching other people get their hair cut. (hmmm)

Pattern of the Day:
9/8 Gansey socks. these have potential, but i gotta find some solid, light colored sock yarn (good luck there!)
9/9 Arthur's Throw. this is actually a nice throw, and apparently it was created for the designer's grandfather. however, i get stuck on dudley moore and liza minelli, and chris cross singing new york city (guess the movie, lol)

Have a nice day!

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