Tuesday, September 20, 2005

christmas in nebraska

well, let's hope this works. i havne't been able to read half my blogs tonight because blogger's being odd. ok, here we go. this is the yarn i bought to make a certain xmas pressie. this is the last time you're going to see this until december 26th, at which point, i hope to have pics of the owner modeling said pressie. this is noil silk, hand painted by a woman here in omaha. you can see the tag that it's called the dyeing arts. i dont' know if her website still works or not. if it does, i'll let y'all know. right now i just want to post before i pull my hair out.
This is the same stuff in a different colorway, bought for moi! i'm thinking about making the same thing for me, but we'll see. depends on how ambitious i get, considering i've got yarn for 4 or 5 projects for me at the moment, lol!
These are the books i got from Crafter's choice. i figure i'll order enough books to get one or two free, and then cancel my account. these guys aren't as cheap as amazon, even with the buttload of free/reduced rate books gotten when you start up.

This is next year's installment of daily calendars. if you go to calendars.com, and order before october 10th, i believe, you get 20 percent off your order. worth it to me!
And the latest yarn acquisition (sh, don't tell mark). this is Naturally Tussock Aran Tweed. i got this on herschnerr's auction site, along with the natural soapmaking book. i see soap pressies in my future (if i can ever get anything else done!) jimi had to inspect all packages that came in today, including the one that didn't belong here. someone please explain to me why a mail man cannot differentiate between nancy & Minnie on two different streets? and this is a big box, from a catalog company that i do receive catalogs from. (i don't order). i thought steph had ordered something, and was all set to be upset when i looked at the label, and realized the mail man had goofed again. good grief, i go to the trouble and expense (not to mention the RASH!) of clearing some of the crap around my mail box, and he does it again,s igh.

i've got more, but those pics will have to wait. i'm wearing out, sigh. i was up until 130 this morning reading. and it wasn't even intentional. i had worked on the turtle, and was listening to "a pocketful of rye" by agatha christie on the stereo, and then i looked up and saw it was almost midnight. so down i went to throw a load in the dryer (boys need pants for school, don't they?), and then took my steroids (for the RASH!), gagged a bit, and went to bed to read. i usually only read 10 minutes or so, and fall asleep, but last night (this morning, however you wish), i got trapped. it happens on occasion. i've been trying to finish this book for aeons (tad williams otherland, mountain of black glass) and all of a sudden, it grabbed me by the throat and said "you're coming with me!" hence, 130. on top of that, i had to get liam up early because he had homework to finish, since he'd lied to mark, and told him he had finished everything except math, and he still had social studies left. sigh.

and work was a bugger. since they took away our fun, and the phones are relatively slow yet (i believe they've switched the call flow in such a way that the seasonal agents get first dibs, and the ones they cant handle (which is just about all of htem except orders, sigh) and the overflow go to the regulars. so i sat listening to the new hires buzzing away, and i'm twiddling my thumbs, wishing for my knitting at my feet. double sigh. i'm grateful that therapy is tomorrow night, so i can get out of work a half hour early!

and steph is pissed, because i told her she couldn't take liam to vallahs' pumpkin patch until she goes with us ONE time to family therapy. the therapist thinks it would be a good thing, and maybe clear the air between her and sean, but she hates therapists, and refuses to go. sigh. so now she's trying to make me out to be the bad guy. "you can tell him he's not going." he already knows, and he knows why, as well. you deal with him. grow up, child. (i suppose she'll do that when she ahs her own, and finally understands, neh?)

You might be a redneck if the farthest anyone traveled to your family reunion was 2 miles.

Pattern of the Day: Cozy Chenille Scarf. i thought this was a non-pattern at first, until i looked more closely, and realized it's a slip-stitch scarf with two different yarns. this looks fun!

have a nice day.

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TitaniumRose said...

Just what I needed - yarn porn from a shop I now feel like I must try to get to, as if I didn't have enough things tempting me! =) But the yarn is loverly and I can't wait to see what you do with it.