Friday, July 08, 2005

ask and ye shall receive (vi)

this is the charity set i finished and mailed off tuesday. it's in cotton ease, which i had heard was discontinued, but when i went to the lionbrand website for a cotton ease pattern, it didn't say anything about discontinuation, and they will tell you if a yarn's been discontinued. hmmmm. curiouser and curiouser

this is the star afghan i've been working on. i think this is in appropriate colors considering i took this picture on the 4th of july, don't you? i ran out of the r/w/b i had wiht me, so i ahve to scrounge some more up, and then edge it with red.

this is the rooster table runner i got from herrschnerrs for Mom for christmas. it seems to be drawing in a bit with the intarsia/fair isle bit (what do you call those when it's crochet, lol?) this is very intensive, and i can't look at anything else while i do this, cuz it's all charted. oy.

this is my artys fartsy presentation of the baby washcloth i'm making (actually this one is done, i'm just gonna keep knitting til i runout of this cotton(i bought this with the thought of making a baby blanket, but it's so thick and heavy, poor baby would drown)). i had set this on the edge of my computer desk last night, and was so struck with the way it looked, that i sat here and took pictures for 20 minutes, until i got one i liked. what can i say, i do have my moments (of insanity?)


date night was a bust tonight. they haven't been right in ages. i wasn't feeling the best tonight, and i didn't cook enough spaghetti, so mark got testy (he wanted enough for planned overs). we didn't fight over it, but it was definitely a disagreement, and set the tone for the rest of the evening. we ate dinner (i ate first, because i wasn't going to wait for the rest of the spaghetti to cook, we had enough for our dinner tonight, he was being stubborn), and watched troy (the fight scenes are pretty intense and amazing, but the rest leaves much to be desired. brad pitt needs to stick to his pretty boy stuff, although, i do have to say, he was amazingly ripped in this movie). we ended up moving to bed, and sleeping at 730, so a large part of the movie was missed. i came home at 9, feeling dissatisfied and lonely. sigh. i'm tired of living a part time life.

my mom had a doctor's appointment again today, and i had to be there to do the phone check on her pacemaker. i was abit nervous, but it's as easy as pie, and only takes about 5 minutes. we get to do this again in 2 weeks, and i forgot my mom won't be babysitting the boys that day, so i will ahve to get them to daycare early, and scoot over there to do the deed. oy. and that day is court too. WONDERFUL.

work was slow, although they're running a contest to see who can get all the states. i'm up to 37. just waiting on toughies like rhode island, and the sparse states, like alaska and wyoming. i've got until the 15th, and then i'll have to turn it in. and of course, i had planned on getting off at 215 so i could get some lunch (no lunch because i didn't work 6 hours) and then grab my mom and the boys, and head to the doctor's office, but i ended up with a $2200 order (no, i don't work on commission, sigh) that ran me 15 minutes late, so no lunch. maybe that's why i was out of sorts. who knows.

you might be a redneck if your idea of family planning is figuring out the chain of hand-me-downs (been there! the boys have a few t-shirts taht the girls wore when they were younger! (no they're not pink, steph was a soccer fiend))

. . . your dentist has adult magazines in his waiting room (?!?! stroke while you wait (oo that was crass)).

Pattern of the Day

Preemie Baby Set. this is cute, but it's in DK or 8 ply (any of you english or aussie types help me out, please?) which i prefer worsted weight. i'm trying to shop in my stash, people!

Color Changing Scarf. non pattern. i'm not saying anything else.

Have a nice day!


vi said...

my job here is done
you are properly indoctrinated
I love that star!
change the colors to magenta, orange and yellow however.
gee if I receive every thing I ask for ........??
how come I ain't a millionare and moron neighbor and my evil idiot sister ain't dead yet????
inquiring violets want to know

~drew emborsky~ said...

The projects all look fantastic. I can't wait to see the rooster as you progress. Keep up the good work!!