Friday, July 15, 2005


date night (also known as "our night"). i'm about to wax philosophical and sappy, so if you don't like it, move on, it's my mood tonight. ever love someone so much you feel like you've found the missing part of your soul? found a compatibility so complete, when you're apart, you don't feel right? mark and i have saved each other. when he and i finally got together (we knew each other for 3 years before then), i was about as deep as i could go. i didn't think i'd ever get my boys back. i'd given up. mark helped me turn it around, and now, we sit a week away from court, with the possibility that the case will be closed, and the state forever out of our lives, and my boys sleeping in their beds listening to old sappy music way too loud (hey they're tweens, their hearing is selective, lol). and mark has a purpose. after he and his ex-wife split, he'd been wandering through life. he said tonight that he wouldn't say he was existing, as opposed to living, because he did have his music and the band, but almost a half life. we are his reason to get up in the morning, and be dad, and husband. (no, we haven't said the formal vows that man necessitates, but we've made our vows before god, and i do call him husband, as he calls me wife (no, nebraska doesn't do common law, sigh)). he used to come home from work, play solitaire on the computer, drink beer, and go to bed at 730. now, he changes, picks up the boys, and lives. sometimes at a frenetic pace (you have to be crazy to keep up with these two, lol), but he's loving it. he loves taking care of the boys, and taking care of me, and even the brat downstairs. stephanie called him on father's day while she was at the nebraska game, and wished him happy father's day. i wasn't sure if he was gonna bust, or cry. he has no children of his own, so for mine to take him as theirs has meant the world to him. and what he does for me. . . the day after my mom went into the hospital, i had dropped the boys off at daycare, and had stopped at mark's for something, and ended up locking my keys in the house. i had my cell with me, and i called him, and he was home in 15 minutes. if i ever have an emergency i can't deal with, i know i can call him (and have several times, lol). he's come and gotten me way past his bedtime, when my car broke down (i ran over a sign because i was too tired to see it, andit slashed 2 tires). he's my knight in shining armor, and he will tell you i am his queen. but i'm not on a pedestal, lol. god, i love him so much.

ok, sappy stuff is over. go back to your lives, citizens.

i made a ton of white squares for AC4C but i'm not gonna show them, they're just granny squares. i'm thinking about making a white cable heart square, if i get time. right now i'm working on a holiday sweater (same pattern as the yellow sweater i made in march). pics later, i'm too tired to fight blogger.

i had joined marker mania over at anita's and got my first set today. they're gorgeous! they came from Stephanie Lichlyter in Long Beach, CA. if you're reading my blog, stephanie, they are wonderful! and the charms with the words are perfect! the rest of y'all will just have to take my word for it for now, but they are priceless. thank you very much, stephanie!

and i'm still plugging away on baby washcloths. i wanna use up this cone of white cotton.

you might be a redneck if you are using a Twister mat as a shower curtain.
. . . during your wedding ceremony the minister said, "Do you, DeWayne, take Connie to be your old lady?"
. . .you have a full set of salad bowls that all say "Cool Whip" on the side of them (ok, so they're storage containers, hush).
. . . you talk about fishing while making love.
. . . the only cordless phone in your house is the one that your wife ripped out of the wall when she caught you talking to your girlfriend (ok, this is tomorrows, i'm jumping hte gun)

Pattern of the Day
Toddler's and Child's Socks. this pattern was made for Children in Common. there is a note on this pattern that if you make socks for your own little ones, to make another pair and donate them to CIC or antoher charity. ok, will do.
Suzie Q Doll. this is darling. i think i'd make the yarn unraveled knitting, so she'd have curly hair, but other htan that, it's just too precousl.. and the entire thing is knit!
Koigu Fish Ornament. only, and i do mean ONLY if i had some itty bitty bits of koigu that i didn't know what to do with (yeah right, me?) but they are cute, maybe i could use something else.

What i'm reading
Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling (gee, and what is happening friday night? hmmmmmmmm?)
The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon.
Meg Swanson's KNitting (this is an interesting insight into meg swanson growing up with the knitting goddess Elizabeth Zimmerman (i got that line from Panopticon)
Listening to Farenheit 451. wow. i could never get past the slow start, but listening to it (and this is unabridged) is a mind blower. it's another animal farm, or 1984. good grief!

Have a nice weekend (since i know most of you stay away from your puters on the weekends)


Stephknits3 said...

So glad you like the markers and they got there safely! Happy knitting!

vi said...

hi you old sappy sweetie
i am a bit annoyed at mine at the moment........, but really I got one like that too.....
but I also have pms and menopause
so he has to put up with me