Thursday, July 21, 2005

hot damn

or is it damn hot. i think the latter. oy. it's hot enough to melt tar. fry eggs on the sidewalk. make me cry. oy.

mark has been trying to get steph's car fixed, and has once again ran into something he can't figure out. he replaced the cv joint, and it's still making that bloody noise. sigh. i get to drive mark's truck for the rest of the week from the looks of it. ick. piss. oh well. i'll probably have to drive him to work friday, and i'm NOT relishing that thought. i like going back to bed after i get off the phone with him.

sean was a good boy today, which is good, because he was living on borrowed time. what do you do with a child who tells you he wants to go back to foster care because he wants to get away? he had accumulated 25 words from the dictionary (he has to sit and write the definitions, am i fiendish or what, i'm educating him while he's serving a consequence), and after 2 days only had 8 done. he finished them off at my mother's today. and mark said he was good at his parents too (mark was borrowing their garage, since no one we know has one that can be worked in (i don't have one at all, and mark has his filled with bits and pieces)). here's hoping tomorrow is a good day.

i'm planning on starting my sockpal2za's socks. she's requested ankle socks, andi think i'm going to do them in handspun merino, and koolaid dye them pink. cool, eh?
and i'm on baby washcloth #8, i believe.

i finished the hat to go with the gargantuan booties, and started another sweater in the same pattern. that pattern is such a workhorse, and a breeze to do. i'm doing this one in santa colors (i've got some fluffy woolease that AC4C told me i could use, as long as i let the project coordinator know), an will make a matching santa hat, and booties. everybody at work keeps asking me if i need to tell them something, lol. nah, just an addiction to yarn, which they knew already.

i actually got the wheel out last night. it's an ashford double treadle traveller, and in her day, that baby would run. i broke the break band last night, though, and had to replace it before i could finish plying (it's yarn for my sock pal!)

i tried to add pictures, but blogger's being a butt. i'll do it tomorrow, sigh

you might be a redneck ifyou've ever emptied the bed of your truck by driving backward real fast and slamming on the brakes.
. . . . . all your wedding guests were seated on the same side of the church.
. . . . . any of your living room furniture is inflatable.

Pattern of the Day
Kid's Klee Cardigan. i don't know where the name for this came from, but it's definitely cute. and sized relatively small, too.
Beaded Knit Button in Two Sizes. cute, but it ain't happenin here.
Mantel Cover. very nice, quite an elegant touch, but do you see a fireplace around here?

And on to Harry. I finished the book last night at 1:45 am. yes, that read a.m. and i cried all the way through the last chapter, and part of the second to last one. wonder what miss rowling's reasoning was for that? i'm sure we'll find out in #7. can't wait, and i haven't even had this one a week. Sean's reading it now, and liam keeps asking for spoilers, but i won't give them to him, lol.

and i'm not listening to any books because mark's truck doesn't have a tape deck. i'm reading fiery cross, and Tanequil, and that's it, low reading content as of late.

Have a nice day

and this for your sheepish entertainment

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