Friday, July 01, 2005

wasting away again in crudsville

good god, you'd think i'd be immune to this shit by now, at my great age (hush, vi) but i've got pink eye. don't know where it came from. doctor has no clue either. but i've got it. mark had the creeping crud earlier this week, and ended up missing 2 days of work. liam has it too. i came down with it the same time i got the eye of pink. sigh.

Pictures of Oregon
we're giving blogger images a shot here
This is a rocky part of the beach between DePoe Bay, where we stayed, and Newport, where walmart lived. it was very pretty.

this is steph being very adventurous. actually, to quote this lady this was an aventure. we hadn't planned on stopping, but decided to because the view was just too gorgeous. i wanted to go down there with her, but my shoes were too slick, and i was a tiny bit leery of falling. i slipped and banged my knee on the way back up as it was.

This is the tidepool that steph was by in the earlier picture. she said she ended up walking on some mussels, and didn't even realize it until after she saw one open.

And this is mark enjoying the view. we were all just awe-struck by the power and beauty of it all.


I've actually gotten a little accomplished. i'm working on the hat to go witht he sweater and booties i made earlier this month. the hope is to get it finished tonight, and washed, so i can mail it tomorrow for AC4C.

You might be a redneck if you openly wept when Pamela Lee had her implants removed (ew?).

you might be a redneck if you've ever participated in a burp-off.

Pattern of the Day: Caterpillar Stitch. this is kinda cute, and would be good for a sweater or scarf.

Button Me Hat! apparently this is changed for every occasion (paraphrasing the pattern, lol). you change the buttons to suit the season, your mood, etc. kinda cute, and multisized as well.

What I'm Reading

just finished the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. this is good, but a bit young. the heroines are all 15. wow.

Knitting in the Fast Lane. so far so eh. not terribly impressed, i think this may go back to the library tomorrow.

Listening to Sleeping Murder by Agatha Christie. this is read by rosemary leach, whom i've never heard of, but goodness me, that woman is the PERFECT, quintessential miss marple. does anybody out there know what miss marple's first name is? (i'm betting it's NOT marla, lol).

Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone. yes, i'm gearing up.

and vi, who is the wicked b*itch of the west? you can email me, lol.

Edit: sorry sock pal, i almost forgot you! i'll take any color, as long as it's not pastel. i'm not 3 anymore, lol.

Have a nice day!


vi said...

you got too close to the wicked b*tch of the west......
now you got pink eye
***shaking head sadly..........*

Natalie said...

Did the laceweight arrive OK?

vi said...

you thinking of posting any time soon?
i'm old you know.........
I ain't got a whole lot of time to just wait around twiddling my thumbs