Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Mental health day

This is the pumpkin hat i've been thinking about. it looks a little narrow, but it stretches nicely. i also made booties to match, but for some reason, my computer doesn't think my camera is a camera today, so i can't download that pic. the pattern for the hat itself is mine. the leaf i got from knitting on the edge, and adapted it from the leaf fringe. it's smaller than hers, because, well, babies don't need leaves that hang in their faces. sheesh!

This is the santa suit i've been talking about. the non-pompom at the top is chains attached at the bottom, worked up, slipped stitched down to the hat, and then attached to the hat with another slip stitch, and chained again. i'd have to show how i did it, it's too hard to describe it completely. the white is fuzzy wool-ease i've had in the stash for more years than i care to contemplate. i wanna get rid of this stuff, and if AC4C says i can use it, use it i shall! And yes, folks, i'm back to making purses. my contact who sells them for me said she has a show this weekend, and while i can't make this one (i've only got one felted, and there's no way i'd get the second one felted and dry by friday, and none of them lined) in time, i realize the fall craft fairs are starting to kick in. so, i'm shifting from washcloth knitting while i'm online, to purse knitting. and away we go!

right now i'm working on a side to side sweater like the blue and lilac one i made, except this is orange & green to go with the hat and booties, and it's in stocking stitch, as i'm going to sew patches on the front and make it a jack-o'-lantern. twill be cute, i'm sure.
i took sean to therapy last night, and was informed by his therapist that my frigging caseworker has asked for CTA(community treatment aide) services for sean AGAIN. despite the fact that the IFP people and the therapist all agree that it won't do sean any good. which means, even though the therapist had agreed that we could cut family therapy back to every other week, because of the CTA, we have to go back to weekly. plus fitting the CTA into our lives. dammit, i was looking forward to some free time! i told the therapist i was going to email the GAL about this. mark and i agree that this almost seems punitive, although i didn't say that in the email. wouldn't surprise me a bit if she's decided that since she wasn't allowed to terminate the case as she had wished, and the fact that i let everyone know that that was her stated desire as of June 22 (approximately a month before court), she's getting in her digs where she can. i am beginning to truly despise her. and the real kicker? she couldn't even bother to call the therapist and tell her herself, she called her supervisor, and had her pass the message on! because i'm sure E would have told her it was unnecessary, because it didn't do much to help the first time. sean has been through so much treatment, that he can spit every thing back out that he's been told, but he doesn't apply it. he doesn't feel it pertains to him, i guess. CTA would just be a bigger drag on our time. and school starts in 4 weeks. sigh.

however, on a good note, i woke up this morning (yes this is still a good note) with a headache, and called in and got preVTO. so i've got the day off, and it's gorgeous outside! supposed to be a high of 78. of course, i'm having a hot flash, since my favorite visitor is here. growl.

oops, i just looked at the time, gotta scoot if i'm gonna have lunch with mark, so i'll give you the rednecks and the patterns when i get back. i'm going yarn shopping!

Have a nice day!

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vi said...

ah...... yes that special time of month.....when everyone around you would look much better sans head......

my boobs are killing me.....
oops maybe cause I am stepping on them

chins up kid