Wednesday, July 06, 2005

ok, vi, this is for you

you guilted me into it. i'm posting, ya happy now?
i have pink eye (almost done with the antibiotics, hip hip horray!). i was sick all day sunday and unable to do anything beyond get off the bed/futon (i lay on the futon on the front porch for a while, just for a change of scenery, and back comfort) until late in the day (happy now, vi, i was too sick to post sunday! :P). yesterday was preoccupied with a little gardening (i can find my marigolds now), and a lot of recovery. mark was feeling just as crappy, so we didnt' do anything. i did do fireworks with the kids, but collapsed shortly after that. so no bloggie for me.
oh, and i went to an urgent care facility yesterday, to discover the reason why i've been dizzy is that i not only have a sinus infection, but i have an ear infection as well. joy. Liam has a sinus infection as well (no big shock there, he's been announcing the color of his snot for days). so now i'm taking horse pills. blech. i even took vto today, even though i really can't afford it, because i was too light headed, and ended up dropping the boys off at mark's (he had a floating holiday today) and coming home and napping for 2 hours. he woke me up out of a dead sleep, so i could pick up supper and go to therapy with him & the boys. therapy was cancelled, so i've had quiet evening, hallelujah sister. i needed it!

i'm still working on the star afghan (i took ap ic of it yesterday, don't you think it's appropriate that i work on a red, white & blue star afghan on the 4th of July?), and i started a rooster table runner for mark's mom for christmas. yes, i'm crafting for christmas. just wait, i've got a project in the works when the yarn shows up (inspirations yarn is temporarily closed due to BABY!!!!! GO DOMINIC & MARGARET!). of course, since the giftee is internet savvy, and i wouldn't put it past her to google me, i'm not mentioning it here. so there, sherrill, lol.

you might be a redneck if you buy a police scanner to keep up with your relatives.
. . . someone is permanently staying on your couch.
. . . the first drive in movie you saw was from across the road.

Pattern of the Day:Fourth of July Cap. this is a newborn's hat, with a cute flag tacked on the top. definitely a thought for charity crafting.
Feather & Fan Scarf. this is pretty. but not unusual, cutting edge, or any of that. some people would call it a non-pattern because feather and fan is so commonplace. works for me, but i'll probably never do it, i had a hard enough time counting with the PFH2 (it was in feather & fan).

What i'm reading
Drums of Autumn
Knit one Kill 2 (i actually finished this, and i loved it, all the way to the anticlimactic ending, sigh. the recipe sounds good though!)
Sleeping Murder, by Agatha Christie (book on tape, these are addictive!)

Have a nice Day!

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vi said...

but where are the PICTURES???????
(insert evil grin here)

ok ok
feel better
I had one of them ear/sinus infections
the house was hanging ten........ and the floors were like waves and swells......