Friday, July 15, 2005


Alas and alack, but harry will have to arrive without us tonight. the boys' behavior was such today that i had to take that excursion away. and i was looking forward to it. so, now i'll pick up the book tomorrow or sunday some time while mark watches the boys. in a way, i'm not that upset, because i'm tired, and i have a headache.
one of my friends at work has gotten a second interview at ameristar as a casino slots manager. i hope she gets it, but i'm gonna miss her if she gets the job. good luck, ann.

i've finished the body of the charity sweater, and most of one sleeve. i would show you a picture of it, but steph has loaded a fucking pop up blocker that won't let the popup for pictures to come up. grow. i'll be glad when mark fixes her puter. i was gonna show you my new stitch markers too, sigh. i'll have to fix that.

all i'm knitting rught now is the baby washclothes, although i've got plans for a charity sweater for the reservations.

Pattern of the Day: Women's STripes and Lace Cotton Vest. this is a good introuduction into lace. but not my style, lol.

Have a nice day, i'm not saying more, because blogger is in slow mo again, sigh.

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