Sunday, July 10, 2005

more pictures for ya, vi

I've got a few pics from the vacation, and i though you'd enjoy them (slide show from hell, eh?)

This is liam and his cousins felicia and ashley pigging out on donuts. mark's cousin and aunt apparently have to have a daily donut quotient, and had to have their fix even on vacation. liam is eating his favorite maple long john, and stuffing quite nicely, lol
This is a light house we saw on our way to Newport on Saturday morning. It looked so remote and beautiful, i just had to try to capture it. apparently, this is a real working lighthouse.
This is the hottub that was at the beachhouse. i wasn't kidding when i said this place was awesome. mark and i never used it, but steph and sean did. sean's exact words were "this thing needs to be longer, and have a diving board!" they had it cranked up to 106F, lol. if you sit long enough in that, you'll turn to soup!
This is mark in the kitchen at the beachhouse doing dishes. isn't this a beautiful sight?
Stephanie was fascinated by the mountains on our flight to oregon, so she took several pictures with my camera. (she'd filled hers up, lol)
well gee, i was going to post a few more pics, but apparently, blogger has a 5-pic per post limit. i'll be back, lol

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vi said...

gees get that man a TALLER sink.....
how tall is he??
vi who is new and improved and TALLER due to mengeles stretching my neck