Saturday, July 30, 2005

thank you

to all of those who have commented thus far about my impending authordom. i'm still flying high on this one!

the book will be available at, and i thought annie said the end of august, but i'm not sure. i'll let you know when i have more info.

pumpkin sweaters are hot whether they're tiny or not, sigh. i've been trying to finish this thing all day, and i'm down to the second sleve. i'll take a pic tomorrow, the camera is coming home then. steph borrowed it because she couldn't find hers (i've been in her room over the weekend, no wonder she can't find it) (i love you, honey! (not that she'll read my blog, she's less than interested about the writing thing, even though she writes herself, sigh)).

The List for AC4C for the month.

i've been looking at what i've done for the month, and it's not bad at all!

Star Afghan
Gender Neutral Sweater, Hat & Booties Set
Santa Suit, Hat & Bootie Set
Gender Neutral Hat & Bootie Set
NINE white cotton baby washclothes (that's what i've been doing in front of the puter every night, lol)
10 white squares to send to the AC4C joiner (7 have already gone, i'm going to send the other 3 monday afternoon)
Christmas Stocking (this is already gone, too)

dont' ask me how i get all this done, and work full time, too. i'm not sure myself.

And in my insanity, i've taken on another project. i've had a copy of the moebius scarf for months, and finally sat down and cast on for it. the instructions are actually quite simple, if you read them thoroughly before you start. just make sure that the cable you have for your circ is quite pliable, it gets tough towards the end of the cast on. and where did i get the pattern? Here . i'm going to do it in garter stripes, starting and ending with the dratted fuzzy white wool-ease. i figure i can send this to the reservation project in november.

and there's been advances on the rooster runner. i fell off the wagon, and stopped doing one row per night, but i'm back on. i did 4 rows today (the intarsia is tedious as hell), and i'm up to the wattle. woohoo!

You might be a redneck if you showed pictures of your latest deer at the funeral home.
. . . . your favorite seafood is hushpuppies (LJS anyone?)

Pattern of the day: Feather & Fan (Old Shale) Bookmark. this is quite cute, and is saved from being a borderline non-pattern by the fact that it's edged with icords. too cool!

Stacks & Eyelets Stitch. My maternal grandmother who passed away 4 years ago must have been a big fan of this, because i've got about a dozen afghans done in this. it's nice to know how it's done, in case i ever decide to carry on the tradition.

a note on the patterns i've been critiqueing (sp?). i read in a blog recently that one designer (i'm not naming names, because i don't want anyone yelling at this designer for causing me to pause and think) was upset because another blogger had personally attacked a designer because s/he was not happy with the design. i try very hard to not be critical of the person designing, but just the pattern itself (my comment about "non-patterns" comes to mind). hey guys, do me a favor. let me know if i get too overboard, ok? i'm not doing this to hurt anyone, just giving my opinion on these. thanks tons. (you may now return to your regularly scheduled blog)

What i'm reading.

Uther by Jack Whyte. This is tough reading, if only because this gentleman has a semi-ponderous writing style. the information presented (granted this is fiction) puts an interesting twist on the whole arthurian legend.

Reality Check by Leslie Carroll. this is a romantic comedy, and yes, it's heavy on the comedy right now. it's light fluffy reading, and i'm enjoying it thoroughly.

Car Tape: A KNight of the Word by Terry Brooks. this is a definite swerve from the Shanarra books, and i do like this. i've read both books, but thought i'd like to revisit it on tape. i find myself wanting to keep driving so i can keep listening, though, lol.

Have a nice day!


Bear said...

I hope you have already read the Eagles Brood series before you read Uther... otherwise you will be missing half the story...



Amy said...

Congratulations on Cheaper Than Therapy- I'm in it too so I know how you feel!

Secret Pal said...

Although I'm a little late....CONGRATULATIONS!!! Being published is definitely a big deal.

vi said...

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