Thursday, August 04, 2005

i've been a bad blogger

hmmm, what's this? why, it's a marker mania package!
and look what was in it! a pencil pouch, knitting note cards, orange sticky notes, and TWO sets of markers. wow! i thought you only had to send one set of markers, now i'm embarassed!
and of course, the obligatory blurry shot, since i can never seem to get my pics right, sigh. thank you, erin for this wonderful package, it was lovely to come home to this. unfortunately, i can't find the envelope they came in, so i don't remember your last name, or where you're from, but i do love it all!

And my darling little pumpkin booties. the yarn is actually an emerald green, and the orange is not quite such a red tone, more like home depot orange, or hunter safety orange, lol. if you look closely, you'll see that i adapted the leaf pattern i semi-created for the hat, and made them even teenier for the ties on these. i didn't get a pic of the pumpkin sweater (boo, hiss, but there is a legit explanation: steph took my camera and used the batteries up, and i couldn't find another set (of the 6 sets i bought for her & my cameras, sigh) to charge up. i'm better now, ihave my camera and batteries, so i should be good to go)

I'm not doing much of anything right now craft wise, other than making washcloths for this month's project as well. i figured i'd finish off this cone, and then go from thee. i did swatch and start my sockpal2za's socks, but i wasn't happy with how dense the fabric was, so i frogged, and i'm reswatching with bigger needles. these are going to be "run around the house on the weekend anklets", because my handspun is pretty thick, specially since i navajo plied it. i do believe i'm going to have to spin more, as just knitting half the sock last night took half the ball i had reserved for such. eh, such be life.


you can have a few snippets. sean broke the 4th pair of glasses he's had in the last 14 months. the boys were wrestling, after they'd been told not to do it in the house, and he snapped them in half, and there's no hope of repair. i just took them to the eyedoctor yesterday, so he's got some on order, but because he's broken so many glasses, he doesn't have a pair in reserve. the boy's gonna have a lot of headaches until the new ones are done, and he's bad enough that he can't see worth a crap without them. i don't know what i'm going to do.

also, i had to take sean to the local hospital for an ultrasound, because when i took him for his physical last week, when the doctor poked his stomach (he hates the word tummy), he curled up in a ball of pain (this was news to me!). no news yet as to what the problem may be, but now i know he has 2 kidneys, lol.

You might be a redneck if you had to wear hip waders to get to your hoenymoon love shack.

. . . your waist measurements exceed your bust measurements (HEY!)

. . . the oil stain in your driveway is bigger than your car.

Pattern of the day:

8-1 Calyx Hat. this is supposed to resemble the green bit at the base of every flower. the designer did a good job, but this is a bit fluffy for me, so i prolly won't make it.

8-2 Houndstooth Shoulder Strap Bag. i'm sure the execution of this fair isle, felted bag is magnificent, but i'll be dead and in my grave before i go any where NEAR houndstooth check. shudder. sorry, madam/mister designer, jsut not my cuppa.

8-3 Pettable Picture Frame. this is supposed to be spun from your favorite dog's hair, then knit to fit a frame, and embellished with doggy-appropriate beads & buttons. cute, but i don't own a dog.

What I'm reading

Hottentot Venus (i'm listening in the car) . this is about a woman in the late 1700's and early 1800's from south africa, who is kidnapped & taken to europe and displayed in freak shows throughout the "civilized" world. i'm through one tape of 12, and it's intense.

The Store on Blossom STreet, by Deb Macomber. i had signed up for a romance novel club, and THIS came in my first, free set. WOW! if this is the caliber of what they send me, i'm gonna be a lifelong member! i also got a romance where a mistress runs out on her paramour when she finds his wife dead in their hotel room, and how she makes it in the outskirts of las vegas. it's good.

Uther. still ponderous, but fascinating. i've been told i need to read the rest of the Eagle's Brood, in order to fully appreciate this book. i will, later. lol.

Dazzling Knits by Patricia WErner. this is about module knitting, and the pieces look fascinating. i love to mess around with color, and this will feed that need, i can tell right now.

Fall 2005 Interweave Knits. i would like to know why i got my copy a full month after this went on the bookstore shelf? almost makes it unworth the price difference. sigh.

Have a nice day!


erin/pinkerbell said...

I couldn't decide on which set to send, so you got them both. they came all the way from Valparaiso, Indiana. Congrats on your soon to be published work.

TitaniumRose said...

Wow, lovely haul you got there! =) I can't wait to get the rest of my markers. I've recently found out that one set may very well be coming from Germany.