Wednesday, August 17, 2005

i think i finally understand, vi

the neighbor across the street just finished running his weedwacker. it is 9:17 PM. now mind you, it starts getting dark around 830 here, this time of year. that means this looney is running his weedwacker IN THE DARK. is there something wrong with this picture? this is the same man who ran his leaf blower for 3 hours, and 2 days later ran it again for another 3 hours. is this man compensating for something undersized? or was he just drunk? all i know is i'm working on a migraine, and i came very close to taking the hedge clippers and clipping his electric cord. gotta love major weather fronts that come through like freight trains.

i do believe i have hit nirvana with the moebius. ok, maybe not nirvana, but i'm thinking only 2 more stripes after this one. maybe i'll even use up the rest of that evil woolease (god, i hate this stuff almost as bad as red heart soft baby). the crap sheds everywhere. i can tell what computer i've been sitting at at work, because i find piles of the fluff on the desk. sigh.

on the other hook (like that segue?), i've begun a sweater for AC4C for a set i've agreed to buddy on. it's a monkey set (the theme this month is animals), but all i'm doing is making coordinating sweater, hat & booties.

i'm also going to make a dinosaur toy for another set from xtreme knitting. i was going to link to the website, but when i pulled out the pattern, i realized that there's no website on it. however, it's copyrighted by Jennifer Thurston, so maybe you can google her. don't ask me to, i'm worn out. i'm just waiting to find out what color and which beastie the woman wants.

edit: i stopped at hobby lobby to buy one bag of polyfill for the dinosaur, and wouldn't you know it, they had red heart light and lofty/bright & lofty on sale for $2.44 a skein (that's almost as cheap as supersaver!) and the polyfill, so i ended up with 5 skeins of yarn, and 3 bags of polyfill. i'm weak! can we all say SABLE? i knew you could.

i got 3 tomatoes from the garden yesterday (it would have been 4, but the slugs got one (anybody have a good remedy for these buggers? i've already tried the plate of beer (it's dehydrated down to a thick brown sludge, i'm gonna have to bring the plate in and wash it, sigh)). so we had BLT's tonight, since mark was so tired, after we went to see a hall we're thinking about having the reception at, he went home and went to bed. now, yellow tomatoes make for interesting blts. they have a brighter, less acidic taste than red tomatoes. granted these are slicing tomatoes, and not the plums i wanted, but that's ok. they are turning a gorgeous shade of mango simply soft (by caron, lol). i love them. and i keep finding more and more monsters in my garden. when these suckers ripen, i'll be off the blog for a week trying to put them up. we're going to make salsa, and sauce, and juice, and anything else i can think of (maybe even sundried yellow tomatoes? ooooooo, now that's an idea, i'm glad i thought of it!). and when it gets ready to freeze, anybody up for fried green tomatoes, picallilly, and tomato relish? sigh, i'm buried already, and i've only gotten 6 out of the garden so far!

the bad part is when the tomatoes fell, some of them landed close enought o my little marigolds to cover them up from the sun, and the little buggers are dying. the ones that run up the side are the bad ones. the ones out front (i showed you one of them) have gone apeshit. my god, all the bushes are as big as the one i showed you, if not bigger, and blossoms til doomsday! i've never had marigolds do this before. i've even impressed myself!

and my roses are blooming?! i've had them since mid june, and they've been living in my daughter's sled. with all the rain we had last friday, there's been standing water int he sled all week. apparently the roses liked it, because all 3 have bloomed?!? i'm amazed and in awe.

work is boring, boring, boring, but at least it's work. i had to leave early today to take my mother to a dentist appointment, but everybody has been getting RTOed (required time off, vi) all week. not good. one woman says instead of one full time job, and one part time job, at this point she has 2 part time jobs. that bites.

as for my mother, we finally convinced her it was a good idea to start wearing the $2000 partials we had made for her (this 2 months after she's had them!). she has arthitis relatively bad in her hands (her handwriting is pretty shaky, it amazes me that she can crochet at all (and she taught herself to do that years after i moved out (my mom is 78, so this is absolutely amazing!))) and has a hard time trying to pry them out of her mouth. i do think we finally got it through to her, but she's going to have to have the top ones adjusted, i think. they looked a bit wobbly. the dentist was very happy with the level of clean she has been getting since she got an electric toothbrush, though, so hopefully things will maintain. now, however, she has a cavity that needs filled quickly, because it's an anchor tooth for her partials. sigh, another appointment.

sean's catscan went well (finally got ahold of the doctor, no mroe phone tag) and the dr wants us to follow up with an appointment on sept 8. sigh. another appointment to put in for. will i ever get a full week in again? once mark is more comfortable with the boys, and i become less of a control freak (the former is more likely to happen than the latter) i 'm going to ask him to start taking the boys to appointments that have to be scheduled during the week, since he gets off at 230. will make my paychecks better too.

on that note, i'm whipped so

You might be a redneck if you can ruin a pair of shoes in one wearing (oh stephanie!)

Have a nice day!

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