Saturday, August 13, 2005


i don't know why, but i can never post test results here. for some reason, the html always ends up broken, now matter how hard i try. i just took a sorting hat test, and i'm a Gryffyndor. since i like those colors best, this is a good thing, lol.

you know, i hate blogger. i just tried to post pics, and the blasted thing ignored me. it also asked me to log in, which makes me wonder. sigh.


i've been working on a project to submit to the 2007 Crochet Calendar, that Annie Modesitt is setting up/editing, whatever you want to call it, lol. i think it's turned out well, i'm just having a bit of trouble with the picture. as deb has noted before the coolpix cameras have something to be desired as far as colors go. sigh. although i did take a pic on my front porch (it's a cloudy day, sigh) that is better, i may still have to wait for a better day.

i've also been working on the moebius scarf in white fuzzy woolease and the kool wool deb sent me. this is turning out interestingly, if only because the two yarns are a completely different guage, lol. it is pretty, though.

sean's birthday was monday, as y'all know, and we had his ice cream cake last night, as we were all too full monday after Red Lobster. i will tell you this: i may never buy a regular cake again. the kids & mark loved it (too rich for me, lol), and we still have half of it left.

mark spent the night last night, or at least tried. one small problem. my bed is too small for him, sigh. it's an old iron bed that my grandmother left me, and has head & footboards, which prevents mark from hanging his feet off the end. he's 6'8", and my bed is 6'2". he tossed and turned until about midnight, then went out to the sofa. at 4, he gave up, and went home and slept in his own bed (his is queen sized, without a footboard). so now we have to figure out how to fit a bigger bed in my itty bitty bedroom. sigh.

You might be a redneck if your car is permanently covered in paw prints.
. . . you have a fence in your yard, but it's not up. (i originally typed that as yarn, imagine that!)
. . .you wear a giant foam finger at your kid's graduation.

Pattern of the Day:
8-12 Arches & Columns Bookmark. this is a nice bookmark, will have to give it a shot.
8-13/14 Magic Tube. this is that thing that was around every store (including my grocery store) for most of last summer. i wasn't that enamoured of it then, and i'm not now, either. i don't wear tube tops (i've got too much upstairs for that), and mini dresses? get real. i could possibly be entreated to make this as a funnel scarf, but why waste that much eyelash? nice thought, though. i'd wondered how these were constructed.

Have a nice day
(i'll try posting pics later, sigh)


vi said...

oh my GAWD??????????????

I AM a redneck
we got a fence leaning up against the back of the house.....
( not the 6' chainlink one we got to keep the animal neighbor out)

dragon knitter said...