Tuesday, August 30, 2005

spam commenters, beware

ok, gang, there's a little thingie you have to do to post a comment on my blog now. after getting FOURTEEN spam comments in my last post, i think it's time. i'm not deleting anonymous comments, but you gotta prove you're human (or at least can think and type?).

no piccies tonight, gang, i haven't taken any. however, i'm working on padded socks for a4a of my own design (they're not great, but they'll keep some little one's feet warm). the main body of the sock is the fine spun stuff i used for the last pair of baby socks, plus the foot pad part is in the thick handspun i had left over from my sockpal's socks. (by the way alison, crazy socks come from a crazy person, lol!) this involves some short-rowing and twisting, but it's kinda working. these will be tossed in the dyepot as well. i was going to make 2-needle mittens with some lovely purple stuff i got for a4a, but i apparently left thepattern at home, so i made the same hat i did before only smaller, cuz this stuff is more like a heavy worsted than bulky. i'll make mittens tomorrow.

the neanderthal grunted an apology this morning (just kidding, honey!), and we're back on track. i figure he was just tired and upset. however, now i'm upset. my frigging caseworker has struck AGAIN! i had told the bitch that we were going to send the boys to missouri to visit their grandmother right after we got back from oregon! i emailed her several times as to what we needed to do to arrange this, and all she told me was that she'd notified the GAL and county attorney, and didn't know what else to do. now, when i notify her that we have confirmed for this weekend (coming up, you know, the long, 3 day weekend?) she tells me that "she spoke to the department's attorney, and he advises that we get permission from the GAL and the courts".


I AM SO SICK OF HER FUCKING GAMES! that's why i was emailing way back in july, dumb bitch! i've forwarded the email to the GAL (thank god i have her email addy) and asked for help. i'm sure it will be ok (she is the one who squared the vacation to oregon in june, 3 days before we were supposed to go (because my caseworker didn't tell me she needed all this information until my mother was in the HOSPITAL!)) but i'm sick of this game playing. i am calling her supervisor tomorrow. i'm done playing this game, and it's going to stop. even if i have to put footprints on a few heads.

and tomorrow, i promise pics of my tomatoes. these things are really huge! ( i toldyou they were!)

You might be a redneck if you don't go anywhere without a siphon hose (that might be handy in the south right now!)

Pattern of the Day: Celest's Chain Mail Fingerless Gloves. these are cool. i think i'm gonna give these a shot, because i have to wear something on my hands at work when it gets so frigging cold (they have to bring in fresh air every 20 minutes, according to OSHA, but refuse to heat it, so in the winter, we freeze.) i like alot!

Have a nice day!

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Lynne said...

Your case worker doesn't sound like someone who works with you....
Our aircon at work has been extremely enthusiastic until today - yep even in winter we get aircon. Today I sweated at my desk. No freezing today!