Thursday, August 25, 2005

happy birthday, liam

You are my sunshine child. You were the child i had, when i thought i wasn't going to have any more. You are my affectionate, sweet, loveable child that everyone likes. You are caring, sweet, and nurturing. You will make someone a wonderful husband some day.

You are growing up. Today you take a step into a world you're not sure of. You turn 13 today, and that makes you a teenager. As you grow, both physically, and mentally, i see you look and act more and more like your grandfather, who we lost 4 years ago. In you, now, i see the man you will be.

You are crazy, and silly, and emotional (gee, you're a teen, that's expected), talkative, and loving. You were my little tow-head, and i can see you now, at 3, with your shining blonde hair, talking so fast nobody could understand you. I've watched you grow, and thrive, despite all the obstacles set in your way, despite all the pain and horror you have survived.

You are my son, and i am proud to be your mother.

Happy Birthday, Liam.

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Anonymous said...

I too have a son named Liam. He is 5-years-old and in Kindergarten. Your letter to your son encourages me and makes my heart smile. Congratulations to your Liam.