Sunday, August 07, 2005

onions all in a row

ok, so they're tomatoes and marigolds, but they are in rows. this is the gardenette that i've been trying to tend all summer long. wouldn't you know it, i'm allergic to tomato vines. considering they're in the same family as deadly nightshade, no small wonder. i'm also allergic to potato vines. i break out in a rash that itches like a fiend. fortunately it only lasts a few hours. i have 8 tomato plants and 16 marigolds. the marigolds also run up the right side by the path to the parking area, besides the ones you see in front.

this is ONE marigold plant! apparently, i have a good outdoor green thumb! of course, i've been watering these with water from the dehumidifier on almost a daily basis. i'm sure that's not going to hurt.
This is the SMALLEST of my tomato plants! you will notice there are tons of tomatoes on it.
These are just a few of the tomatoes i've got going. these are tennis ball sized from what i can tell. i've got some that are bigger than softballs, and they're ALL dead green. i'm in for it when they start to ripen. i see yellow tomato sauce and salsa and juice, and whatever else i can cook up with a ton of yellow tomatoes. (yes, they're yellow, i had wanted yellow plums, but they died before we could get them in the ground)and this isn't from my garden, lol. since blogger has a 5 picture limit, you'll just have to wait until later to see what was in this package. this is from katskratch crafting. i tried to link to her website, but blogger isn't admitting it exists. ok, kat, thank you very much, i've got a few questions about what you sent me, lol.i went birthday shopping for sean again. since i know he's not going to see this blog, i'll tell you what we got him.

i've been after the boys to get rid of games if they wanted new ones, so liam traded in battle for bikini bottom (spongebob) and tiger woods golf, and we got lego starwars & a guide for the game. i also bought him a soccer ball (notice the emphasis on outdoor fitness, lol), LOTR Monopoly, and spongebob plug n' play game.

mark asked him today if he wanted a guitar for his birthday, or a bass guitar, because he's always playing with mark's acoustic bass. sean said he wanted to play the guitar. so, while liam and i went shopping, mark went online. the problem with buying sean a guitar is the fact that he's left-handed. a basic starter kit for a right-handed person is about $150. the whole kit for sean is $300. mark's band mate said he'd teach sean to play (since mark only plays bass) for a small fee, so we made sure that sean would really do this (sean can be very earnest, and he's still absolutely fascinated with his chemistry book, and he's had that for over 8 months). mark also believes that if sean has a way to vent his frustration in music, he might be able to better deal with everything else, and not hold it in til he acts out. i have very high hopes for this, because it's a lot of money to spend on an 11 year old for a birthday present. i'm hoping this is a gift for life. it has been for mark, as my fiber work has been for me. and tomorrow, i'm taking a half day off, and sean and i are going to go out on the town (at least for the afternoon, lol). then on to red robin for monster burgers and tasty fries. yummy.

Have a nice day!


jen said...

you are lucky you got some of your markers! i haven't received any yet.
but kat is from here:

katskratch said...

Hey there! I'll be glad to answer any questions about the contents of your package :) I hope you like everything! and thanks jen for adding my url.