Saturday, August 20, 2005

i agree with natalie, this is FRYday

This is the charity sweater that i'm making for the monkey set on AC4C. the middle section is purple and blue that were fingering weight, so i combined them. both colors are in the fabric that Polly used. the pink is also in the fabric. the light blue is not, but i needed a filler, lol, and it's a good compliment. the single brown stripe on the sleeve is because i ran out of yarn, and had to improvise. i did pick a brown that coordinates with the fabric, and i'm making hat & booties in the brown, with pink & blue trim. this will be a little girl's outfit, for sure.

This is the sockpal2za's pad around the house anklet revisited. i finally bowed to pressure, and restarted these, but on size 8 dpn's. i only have 4, so i've been improvising with 3 needles at a time. these are not matched either, lol, i have 2 long needles and two short, so that makes it doubly fun! i almost had the toe done, but it came out lopsided, so frog hunting i went. sigh. btw, that christmas colored blob on the floor next to the envelope is the vaunted christmas stocking. sorry you can't see more (wanna lick? PSYCH!) (sorry, the picture has been removed per request)

on a happy note, annie was hunting for test knitters, and i sent her an email, and she said yes! so i'm on her list (aren't i always on someone's list lately? at least this is a good list!), and she'll contact me if she needs me to knit anything. ooolala!

sean was a horrible boy at Mahoney state park (they have a waterpark there). he lost his clothes, and his glasses (the clothes were recovered, the glasses were not (double sigh)) with school starting in5 days, i am going to have to take him for a new pair tomorrow. no choice. if they find them great, he'll have a back up pair. if not, well, he'll just have to live with the cheapest glasses i can find him (and i don't care what they look like, natural consequences rock, ya know?).

he keeps claiming to be sorry, but he sure as hell isn't acting it. sigh.

You might be a redneck if you've ever spent more than half a day in a fishing shop.
. . .your ex-wife is the president of your fan club (I DON'T THINK SO!)

Pattern of the Day:

8/18: The Spiral Cap. this is definitley cute, minus the top finish (a bow knot? is that what i'm seeing?). since i want to knit a few things for Afghans for Afghans (go check it out, they're taking apparel until 9-16), this looks like a likely candidate. relatively simple, and cute, too. i'll have to dye my yarn green for islamic good luck.

8/19: Cozy Whisper Cotton Chenille Slippers. ok, who cut oscar the grouch's feet off? these things are so hideous, they're cute! and the color used made me think exactly of oscar. sheesh!

Have a nice day!

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