Thursday, August 11, 2005


ok, kat! of katskratch fame, are those things with the skull and cross bones just really big stitch markers, or earrings? because frankly, i could see myself wearing those at halloween time! i love em, and the markers.

And these are just too precious. they are easy, simple, and will stick out anywhere i want to put them. i love these as well.
and don't take me wrong, but i think these are my favorite part of my package! Kat, you rock! thank you very much!
today was frustrating and annoying. sean had to have a cat scan today because the doctor said his lymph glands in his abdomen were swollen, and they wanted to make sure nothing was really wrong. it messed up my whole day, especially since i found out something last night that i can't talk about here (falls under the major family promise thingie), and slept horribly all night. getting up at 645 after going to bed at 1 to feed my child his meds (so he would sit still for the scan) and the contrast thing that was a good 12 ounces (chug, chug, chug!) that he didn't want to finish really really stunk. he was really good for the scan, but last night's trouble involved him, so i was less than inclined to reward the behavior. i know, bad mommy.

and because of last night's events, i won't be going to String of Purl's sit & knit tomorrow night, after having been promised it for weeks. to put it mildly, i'm very disappointed. crushed is more like it. and i wont be able to go til september, at htis pace. liam has school orientation on the 18th, and his birthday is on the 25th. also, the boys' trip to independence, mo to visit their grandmother was cancelled as well. she called me angry tonight, and i told her that the therapist felt that it wasn't a good idea at this time. she wanted to know if she could still ahve them before school started, and i told her probably not. the boys are disappointed as well. mark and i were going to "run away" and hide out in a hotel room, but that's off too. forgive the pity party, but i'm upset.

and in case y'all wanted to know, i've given in. apparently the lovely sockpal2za lady (her name slips me, and i'm too tired and lazy to look it up) thinks i should stick with the thick socks, and has recruited numerous sock pals to blitz me about the socks. so i'm going to try to find the chicken hat, salvage the size 8 DPN's, and try to cast on again. i should know better than to second guess myself, lol. thanks for the vote of confidence, ladies.

about the only thing that's going well is that i'm designing a christmas stocking to submit to dear annie modesit for the 2007 crochet a day calendar. wish me luck
You might be a redneck if your wife uses more bleach on her hair than she does on the laundry.
. . . your mom thins you should have been a surgeon because of the ease and confidence you ahve with the deep-fat fryer. (huh?)

Pattern of the Day
8-9: Piece of Cake Hat. this is cute, but i think i'd skip the ties, and just gather the hat at the very end, rather than with that ruffle. i don't like ruffles, lol.
8-10: Shaggy Bear. this is cute, and the picture is done in brown with fun fur of some sort. it's garter stitch, which i can see making it amazingly simple. i'm waiting for someone to blog with it in pink eyelash witha purple base, though.

Waht i'm reading
Hottentot Venus. still very interesting, but taking turns i wasn't expecting. she wasn't kidnapped, she went willingly, although she was tricked by a white man who told her he'd marry her when she earned her bride price. men.

Still on Uther. it's starting to get a bit interesting, uther is now almost 16.

Otherland: River of Blue Fire by Tad Williams. this is a series i'd started way back last summer when i first got my library card, and then promptly forgot the rest of the series, until i was hunting something different to read. it's about the world in the 21st century, where VR is the way of life, and there are "charge" heads instead of crackheads, and some plot to try to create utopia, at the expense of children who use the net. interesting.

have a nice day.


katskratch said...

ok, so a little something about the stitch markers...they are all stitch markers! LOL I wasn't sure what size needles you use, so I just made a variety. I know I use up to size 17 (so far) so I thought a variety would be good. You probably could use the skully ones as earrings, but you'd have to put them on fish hooks (ya know, those hook earring things). I definitely wouldn't suggest putting them in your ears as is cause base-metal is icky. I'm really glad you like the buttons!!! I purchased a fancy-schmancy button maker this past spring, and I like to make 'em.
I hope everything gets better with the family situation. Once Mercury straightens out of retrograde (August 30th) all the wonky life-related things should hopefully re-align.


TitaniumRose said...

Hang in there hon! *HUGZ*