Wednesday, August 31, 2005


my kids are amazing. liam has approximately $100 from mowing, and birthday loot. sean has $20. and they both want to donate money to the relief effort in louisiana. liam said all he could think about was the poor kids who lost all their toys, and pets. and they want to help. you know, no matter how much they fight, and argue, and such, it's times like this that i am proudest of my boys. they really do know what's right and good.
Here's the tomato shot i promised you. i wasn't kidding when i said these were monsters! i got the two on the right out of my patch on sunday. the other 4 i garnerd tonight. and i found about a dozen more in varying stages of ripeness, not to mention the billions that are still setting on, and i've got trillions of blooms. i'm in trouble.

I don't know why this is fuzzy, but here's a frame of reference for ya. that's my 3 1/2" cell phone sitting next to the monster tomato. this thing overfills my hand! and it's not the biggest in there! help, i'm being overrun by killer yellow tomatoes! (yes these get very orange when they ripen, i love that)

yes, there is knitting content! apparently, everybody loves my handspun, handknit, handdyed anklets for my sock pal. i just hope she does!

Lynne, those aren't pink, they're neon red. that's what i get for not using pink koolaid, lol.

Jessica, a4a is afghans for Afghans. they're doing a 5000 children drive, to give each orphan in afghanistan something warm to wear. granted, there's a hell of a lot more than 5000 orphans, but it's a start. maybe they'll make it. however, at last report, they had only received 20% of their goal (1000 things/sets (such as mittens or socks)). so i'm trying to do my part. right now i've got 4 hats, one pair of socks, and the start on a pair of padded socks and 2-needle mittens. i'm trying.

the reason why i can churn out so much stuff is i knit at work. however, this is the last week before busy season starts, and i will not be allowed anything not "work related" at my desk, which means i'll be bored for the next 3 1/2 months. sigh. i'll keep trying to fight the valiant fight, though, i got christmas stuff to work on.

This weekend may or may not be on, sigh, i didn't hear from the GAL today. i'm going to call her tomorrow and find out what needs to be done. i'm also going to call the county attorney, and see what i can do on my own. mark and i need this weekend as much as the boys would like to visit their grandmother. i will be really pissed if it doesn't happen.

You might be a redneck if you've ever been on television not wearing a shirt (sadly, there must be a lot of rednecks in new orleans and biloxi and gulf port right now).

Pattern of the Day:
Easy Cable Knit Afghan. this is pretty, and gives directions for more than one needle size/yarn weight. very nice.

Have a nice day.


TitaniumRose said...

Hmm, killer tomatoes... yummmmy... Let me know if you need any good tomato recipes - I've got a ton of them, many quite easy. And you know if you make it to SoP tomorrow night you could probably pawn some off there. (hint!)

Renata_IA said...

Hi Minnie,

This is Renata from AC4C. I just love your blog, but I have one question. Where do you get your "Patterns of the Day"? Are they free online? The Easy Cable Knit Afghan pattern sounds interesting.