Wednesday, August 24, 2005

And so it begins. . . (jr high, that is)

This is the needle i used to do my kitchener on the second sock. you will notice this thing is as long as my thumb! wow! i will say this, my handspun was much easier to thread with this needle than the other, and it was much easier to do the kitchener with it. i need to keep track of this bad momma jamma.

Here are the sock pal anklets, all bundled up with rubber bands and ready to be soaked and dyed. they're done, but i'm not showing them until they are dry and off the blockers. i let them sit in the dye bath all day (simmered them for 20 minutes before i left for work) and then drained, rinsed, and put on the blockers. they didn't turn out like i had expected (or hoped) but i do like them. i hope the sock pal does, because they did NOT turn out the color i expecting.

This itty bitty thing is a baby sock. i know, i'm being captain obvious. what's special about this sock is that it's my own handspun, again. i had given up on the thick pad around the house socks, and decided to try to spin thinner. well, apparently i accomplished it! these are even navajo plied (which is 3 plies), and it's actually pretty close to sock weight. i'm using size 2 needles. wow. i've even impressed myself! this and its soon to be finished mate will be dyed tiedye koolaid purple (actually walmart brand, lol) and sent to San Francisco for Afghans for Afghans 5000 children project. if any of you knitters out there have a little spare time and wool (the clothing has to be 75% wool or more, or animal fibers in general) they could really use your help. i'll post the link later, i'm feeling lazy on my DAY OFF!

And here are my not so little handsome sons dressed to kill for their first day of school. note the new haircuts as well. this was take 3, because liam wanted to horse around. however, they do look pretty good, don't they (no proud mamma here!) liam put on his new shoes this morning, and when he stood up, he was taller than me. i had predicted that he would be taller than me by christmas, but i feel this is gonna happen a lot sooner than i thought. and he turns 13 tomorrow. wow. liam started 7th grade today, and sean is in 6th. my babies are growing up.

You might be a redneck if you've ever FedExed beef jerky (since when did FedEx become a verb? must be a redneck thing)

Pattern of the Day: Flock of Geese Socks. this looks cool! and it has a heel i've never heard of, called a half hankerchief. will have to try these. too bad most of my sock yarn is variegated. oh well, incentive to buy more! (like i need that, lol)

What i'm reading
Uther by Jack Whyte. this is the book i read at work, so it's taking it's sweet time. i wish there was more dialog, but can't have it all, eh?
Otherland: Mountain of Black Glass by Tad Williams. this is a very interesting series. i don't know if it ends with this one, or if it has more. it is good, though.
Car listening: some agatha christie novel, but this is hercule poirot, and not miss marple. i think i like the marple ones better. will have to check more out. i'll let you know what the title is later.

Have a nice day!


Jo in Boston said...

I can't wait to see the finished socks dyed--that's a great idea. If I knew anything about dyeing I'd try it. Handsome boys too--good luck in Junior High. (We start 1st grade two weeks from today).

TitaniumRose said...

ACK!!! Do you happen to have the first book in that series by Jack? I got all of the books *except* the first one at a thrift store down in Wichita and haven't found that first one yet. (not that I've looked all that hard, but still...) Anyway, if you've got it, I'd love to know where you found it. And if you aren't the sort who hoardes books (like moi) I'd be quite happy to buy it off you.

Lynne said...

socks socks socks! dyed and dried! Socks now! ;-)
Wow - your boy a teenager!