Tuesday, August 23, 2005

babies rule

This is the hat i made for the "monkey" set for Polly's outfits for AC4C. i will be shipping these directly to colorado, and then glenda will be matching it up there. this is my own design, all the way down to the little flower on the side, that matches some fabric that polly used to make a sleeper (i think, i'd have to look, lol). the brown actually matches the monkey in the blanket she made to go with it better. and yes, this coordinates with the sweater i made earlier. that single brown stripe is this stuff.

Here is a closeup of the flower i made for the hat. it's very simple. ch 2, sc 8 in 2nd chain, color change to blue, ch 3, dc in same space, sl st in next sc, 4dc in next sc, repeat 2 more times. sl st in final sc, fasten off. i left both pink and blue ends a little long, and used them to securely fasten the flower to the hat. does it work?

These are the booties i made to match the outfit. i only used a bare minimum of the pink and blue because i was rapidly running out. do they work? (and yes, i know the pink stitching is showing through, and it wasn't intentional at first, but i liked it, so i did it again! this is a girl's outfit after all

Ok, blogger is giving me fits trying to make this look nice, and i've deleted 2 pictures twice, so you're just going to have to wait until tomorrow nite for them. i'm getting tired!

i finished the moebius today, and it's almost big enough to be a shawl! i think if i had made it wider it would have worked well for a large child, or small woman. it definitely fits over my shoulders! it's nice though, and much more comfortable than i would have thought. i may have to make one slightly revised for myself, so i can wear it without having to fight with my clips. definitely a plus for that one. i'll post a pic of it tomorrow (if blogger lets me, i tried to post pics of the hat last night, and it wouldn't let me).

work was boring, except that for some reason someone (and i know who, but i won't say here) got a bee in their bonnet and decided my shorts were too short?!?!?!? i've worn these shorts to work since i bought them 3 weeks ago, and no complaints until today. and they are regulation length for school, past my finger tips. what's up with that? i've seen shorter, tighter, and more revealing (as in cleavage, butt crack(those ultra low rise are disgusting), thong underwear, and belly) and they want to send ME home for short shorts? sigh. i had a jacket in the car, so i didn't have to go home, but i'm really pissed. i'm trying to decide if i should just wear pants from now on, and see if that certain person can find something to bitch about then, or just go back to wearing my usual shorts. sigh.

i swear the full moon was tonight, and not friday, because everybody is insane (i.e. mark & the boys)today!

i went out back and decided it was time to tackle the jungle on the south side of my house. i deemed this necessary when the power guy left a note that he was unable to read my OUTDOOR meter. hmmmm. well, he can see it now! i also moved part of the compost pile. it was blocking my access to that area, hence the overgrowth. will have to see how many vines i killed off. (i hope all)

You might be a redneck if your mobile home has a loft. (ook)

Have a nice day!

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Michelle said...

The hat and booties are adorable! I love em'.

A belated congratulations on having your design excepted for the calender. You go girl!

I definitely know all about the Gabaldon updates on Yahoo! I've been a member since its conception. I haven't read the excerpt yet...I'm a slow poke and haven't finished The Fiery Cross, so I'm holding off. I'm just as excited about the new book, though. Can't wait.