Sunday, August 21, 2005

fun with socks

this is the sockpal2za anklet. it looks a little funky right now. i'm hoping that after i dye these things and put them on the blockers, that the funky part of the toe will straighten out. this is the first time i've ever kitchenered a toe before, and i had to tear it out once and do it again. do you know how hard it is to tear out handspun yarn? not fun, i guarantee (think justin wilson, right there). i have woven in the end at the beginning, and it is all bundled up with rubberbands, awaiting its mate for dyeing. i'm hoping i can get it done by this afternoon, so i can soak them, and then dye them tonight, after the boys are in bed.

i've been working on the baby hat to go with the sweater, but i'm moving a bit slow this weekend.

i did get alot done on the moebius scarf, if only because i was out alot yesterday, and was waiting for haircuts to be performed. i got mine trimmed, but since he only took a tiny bit off, he only charged me for a bang trim. SCORE! half price, baby, all the way! he showed me the amount of hair he'd trimmed off, and i quailed at the thought of paying $12 for that, but i was really grateful when that was all he charged me. now the boys were full price, but i had a coupon for sean at least. and of course, i did tip. question to y'all?

what do you tip your hairdresser? is 15% appropriate, like when you go to a restaurant? i tipped each one $1, even the "bang" guy. was that too much or not enough? lemme know what you think?

so much for it being nice this weekend! it was over 90 yesterday, and is hot and muggy right now at nearly 11. sigh.

we were going to go to the rib festival in CB, but since the boys have been such rats, that's been cancelled. i am so tired of not doing things because of their behavior. and i can't ask my mom to babysit any more than she already does (although her last day of regular babysitting is tuesday, after that, she'll just watch either boy if they're sick) and mark isn't sure how well his dad would handle sean. granted his mom would do most of the watching, but still. so, we don't go.

well, must scoot, i have to go prod liam into mowing again.

You might be a redneck if there are four pairs of pants and 2 squirrels hanging from your clothesline (i don't have a clothesline :( ).

Pattern of the Day: Katherine's Quilt. this is done modularly, but i haven't looked close enough to see if it's done domino style, or if it's sewn together. looks cute, and would be a good stash buster.

Have a nice day!

ps. hey vi, email me, i don't have your email, and i have a comment on your last post, and i'm not a "team member"

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vi said...

darlink....... the email is right on the blog at the top
where it says....EMAIL ME
ook I will send you the email addy
sure you love me so much
btw, comments are open now but you gotta do some funky word thing