Monday, August 15, 2005

you like me, you really, really like me!

or at least annie modesitt likes me! i was reading drew, and he was talking about some vests he was designing for submission to the 2007 crochet calendar. i've been thinking about writing up a pattern for a christmas stocking that i made up a month or so ago, and after the "success" of having my essay be accepted, i decided to go out on a limb, and submit it to annie. well, i did so tonight, and well, it looks like it's in! no remuneration other than a calendar, and my name in lights, but hey, it's another step to that dream come true. wow!

and now for some piccies. (hopefully)

well, lookee here! it's a turtle! yes, this is the turtle i'm making for steph. isn't it darling? she's a turtle fanatic, so i thought this would be cute.
and yes, i had to buy yarn to make it. i don't usually buy baby yarn, so the left overs will probably go for something for AC4C (god more patterns to print, sigh). the original pattern calls for velcro for the shell, but it ain't happening here. i hate velcro and yarn together. so i'm using buttons instead.
and here ya go erin. this is my version of a moebius scarf. i got this pattern from AC4C, but i'm too tired to go find it and look it up, lol. ask me again later. the white is the fuzzy wool-ease i've been trying to get rid of, and the blue is the kool wool that deb gave me a few months back that i promised i'd use for charity. it's turning out interesting, that's for sure. and fun to work on, too, wouldn't you say, erin?


wouldn't you know it, i give away my first 2 tomatoes because mark won't eat them raw, and they were perfectly ripe, so i didn't want them to spoil, and mark's AC blows up, and he cancels on us for dinner. we could have had home-grown blts! alas and alack. there will be other opportunities, specially since i bought a10# box of bacon at no frills for $12.99! remember all those lovely pics of my garden all neat and standing tall? we had a big blow friday night, and the wimpy cages all went tumbling. my tomato plants are fine, but they are no longer standing up. i told mark, heavier cages next year! and remember those softball sized tomatoes? they're as big as my head! (well not quite, but they are quite large.)

You might be a redneck if the only things not rusted in your yard are the pinwheels on either side of the driveway.

Pattern of the Day: Baby Socks. maybe this is what i'll use the baby yarn on after i finish the turtle!

Have a nice day!

and michelle wins the prize for being the first to come up with an actual definition of drollery. i wasn't kidding, gang, lol. you get a lovely skein of purple cotton chenille (i don't know why i bought it, but it is nice). email me with your addy, hon, and i'll mail it to ya (and i know, it's canada, it may come slow boat, ok?)


--Deb said...

You ARE on a roll, aren't you? Congrats!

TitaniumRose said...

Looks lovely! I hadn't thought about striping it - nice effect. And the turtle is adorable. I can't wait to see that one finished.

Oh, yeah... CONGRATS again! =) Remind me I'll be wanting to get your autograph so that I can say I knew you before you got all rich and famous.

~drew emborsky~ said...

Congrats on the calendar submission! I can't wait to see your design!!