Sunday, August 07, 2005

no piccies tonight

steph has my camera again. she's at the sydney, iowa rodeo (one of the biggest rodeo events in the area, and possibly the country, i'll ask her tonight, lol). she really needs to find hers, lol.

no knitting today, and no crochet, but lots of spinning, both of wool, and my head. i've got almost a bobbinful of nice thin singles, that i'm going to ply with another bobbinful, as soon as i fill it. the navajo ply was just too thick, and this will make a nice weight sock. no more "wear these around the house to keep your feet warm," these are going to be legitimate ankle socks. sa va?

today was a sales tax holiday in iowa, so the boys and i went school shopping (just clothes, i don't have lists yet, and school starts in 2 1/2 weeks, i'm having serious issues with OPS). liam got 5 pairs of pants, and sean got 7. a lot of the pants i bought liam last spring still fit (i'd bought 14's), but sean has outgrown his 10's, and has moved on to 12's. and he's not getting any pudgier (just has a bit of a roll, lol), so i'm assuming we're safe. i also bought them each a team shirt (sean bought iowa state, for mark, and liam bought nebraska, because he's a die hard fan, and refuses to be swayed, lol), and dress clothes for a wedding we're going to in 3 weeks. i also bought sneakers for each boy, and dress shoes (also for wedding). i did buy the dress shoes a half size bigger than normal, because i want them to be able to wear them for a while (even if in liam's case, it's only till school gets out in the spring) the shoe selection for sean's size at walmart was disgusting. we had to really hunt for sneakers, and they didn't ahve any kind of dress shoe for him. i ended up going to payless just down the street. ah well, walmart's loss. ok, now don't faint in shock (unless you're buying clothes for your kids now, too, and you'll understand) i spent almost $500 bucks! granted, there were some incidentals, like a new phone, since steph killed off my last one, and a shelf to put in the kitchen so the shoes don't end up everywhere, like they normally do. i did buy 5 boxes of cereal (pray they last 2 weeks, sigh), and forgive me, 3 skeins of yarn, but still, there's a big chunk of change laying in walmart bags on my kitchen floor (i haven't been able to bring myself to put it all away, and we went straight to mark's after we left walmart). and amazingly enough, most of it was tax free. i paid $10 in sales tax on that order. iowa sales tax is 7%. you do the math. i wish nebraska would do a tax holiday, and apparently they did once, but decided they needed the income more. well, guess what, gang, you lost out on my sales tax dollars for this purchase, anyway. nebraska is a high-taxing state, if you're a normal joe schmoe (at least in the midwest). theyr'e high on their gas tax, income tax, sales tax, property tax, and even estate tax. sigh. that's why my mom has been investing so heavily. she's worried about how much of a bite it will take from our inheritances. dirty assbeagles (like that, rabbitch?).

sean broke his glasses again, and this time they're not fixable, so he's gonna have to stew til they're done. and the doctor didn't call yet, so i will call monday, and hope that i don't have an awful announcement for my baby's birthday. and yes, at 4:18 pm, sean patrick alexander will be 11 years old. happy birthday, my baby boy. (i'm old, ahve i said that yet?)

You might be a redneck if you're related to the stripper at your bachelor party.

(anybody click on the llama llama duck link? is it driving you nuts yet? good, the boys saw it today, and they've been singing llama llama duck all afternoon. thanks stephanie)

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vi said...

tell mom to investigate a living trust
that why the inheritance tax maybe able to be reduced