Sunday, August 28, 2005

sock pals unite!

Here they are! TADA! these didn't turn out quite like i expected, but ya know, i like em. i hope my sockpal likes em too. they're a tiny bit big for me, but i figure since these are "lounging" socks (there's the name i've been looking for!), they will fit over any other thin sock she may want to wear. these were dyed with one package of strawberry koolaid, and vinegar. i put them on to simmer while i got the kids ready for school/work, and then turned it off and let it sit all day. came home around 8 pm, and then untied, and rinsed, and blocked. i think they're cool!

Here they are on my feet. the tying was done with rubberbands, and i wasn't expecting the big white patches, but they are definitely interesting. the funny bump over the one toe is still there, but at this point, i can't frog them, so it stays. i think it's just a spot of extra thick yarn where i was kitchenering. tell me what you think!

This picture should be titled "what happens when you turn 13." i had asked liam to model this hat for me (my pattern, and i'm sending it to a4a (it's lambspride bulky), and he made this face. i told him i would post it on the blog. see, i told ya, liam! he was feeling a bit better at this point. i have one more hat done, and one almost finished that are identical to this. i got 3 hats out of 2 skeins of lambspride bulky. i'm suitably impressed.
These are dinosaur bits. seriously. no, i did not dig them up. amazingly enough, i had this funky green in my stash, and since the AC4C person i'm making it for wanted an olive green, this works. it's going to be a stegosaurus. i've got the mai bit done (the body seamed and stuffed) and now have to add the extraneous bits, like legs, and spikes. isn't it amazing how the body looks like a boa constrictor that has eaten a goat? (i know, macabre sense of humor)

And now the fun part of the day. Mark had a classmate who invited us to his wedding, which was in the area of Mark's old home town. mark swore he knew where the place was, but when we got to the area, we drove around for 45 minutes. he finally asked me what i wanted to do, and i said get gas and ask directions. (god forbid, a man ask directions). so we stop, and get gas, and mark asks, and the attendant had no clue what we were talking about. ends up we actually drove PAST the entrance, but since it was unmarked, and mark had left the invitation at home, we were unaware of it. so we didn't go to the wedding. i did get 3 parts of the 4 i needed for hat #3 for a4a done, so i'm doing well with that knitting. instead we wandered glenwood, ia, and saw all of mark's old haunts, including the places where he used to get hammered and fall in the bushes, lol. we even drove past his old house. his parents moved 4 years ago, and as much as i would have liked to driven up the driveway and seen it closer, he wasn't comfortable with that, so we didn't. other than the disappointment of no wedding (i love weddings, and with my own imminent, i'm looking for hints and ideas, lol), we had a nice afternoon. we came home, and ate dinner, and watchd the round and round (nascar) until mark got too tired, and then i brought the boys home, and they played video games til bedtime. they actually did their chores today with no arguement! (i think the new star wars game controllers had something to do with that (they glow, and do other neat stuff)).

You might be a redneck if the last time you took your wife to the movies, she had to hide in the trunk.
. . . you've never owned an iron (i own two, now where they are, i have no clue!)

Pattern of hte Day: 8/26 Jimmy's Bulky Beanie. i like this pattern because it kinda tells you how to do slip stitch colors. one to keep in mind.

8/27-28 Textured Scarf. seed stitch non-pattern, 'sall i'm saying.

Have a nice day!


vi said...

all I have to say is

alison said...

Those socks are totally crazy! How could your sock pal not love 'em. You just have to smile looking at them!

Lynne said...

SOCKS! Nifty socks! Pink socks! Yay socks!

Anonymous said...

Those socks are so cool! What a neat idea. Long live tie-dye!

-Sarah G.

Ruby Banshee said...

I've seen tie-dyed socks before, but tie-dyed, hand-knitted socks takes it to a new level. They're fantastic!

sarah irene said...

LOVE the socks ...