Tuesday, August 09, 2005

a few notes on today

1. little boys want their birthday presents ON their birthday, not when it ships to your house, even though said present was ordered the day BEFORE said birthday.

2. i am really too old to be playing Dance Revolution.

3. Eleven isn't so little any more.

4. Cat scans for eleven year olds are scary (for mom, too, sean doesn't really understand what's going on just as yet).

5. said 11 year olds may say they can handle snow crab (red lobster for dinner tonight, yum), but are not adverse to some dadhandling of said snow crab.

and lastly, eleven year old little/big boys are amazingly well behaved when they want a handful of tokens because "mom, i'm about to thrash this enemy helicopter, but i got beat and i need more tokens to keep going!"

You might be a redneck if the post office discontinues your service because the mailman keeps getting stuck in your driveway.

Pattern of the Day: Choo-Choo Summer Shell. this is named for the yarn by Crystal Palace (obviously, Captain Obvious has struck again!), but it has a cable running up the front, and it's actually a cute little tank, i jsut wouldn't or couldn't wear it in that harlot red (sorry, stephanie).

oh, and here's another little ditty to dance to.

(runs and hides)


Kary said...

HB to the not-so-little guy! :) Here is the URL for the 'Snowflake Shawl' - which is actually called "Winter Wonderland" (it is in the kits section) ... Have a great day!

TitaniumRose said...

Ah yes, I'd forgotten just how incredibly annoying that one was - thanks for sharing it again. =)

laurie said...

i will NOT repeat NOT click on that link...llama llama duck is quite bad enough thank you lol...wonder if there's a site that plays 'this is the song that never ends' nonstop ;-)