Monday, August 15, 2005

well, well, will wonders never cease

this is what my doctor thinks of me. the nurse drew my blood, and gave me a hello kitty bandaid. isn't it so cute? (hands barf bags around) i had my annual physical yesterday, with the usual drollery that surrounds such undignified postures. one thing though, that i thought was funny, was that last year, the doctor didn't perform that certain test properly that all females detest, and i had to go in and have it done again. i told him this year that the nurse gave me permission to kick him in the nose if he didn't get it right this time. he promised he'd do well, and that he'd wear a nose guard the next time he saw me, lol.
sean's ice cream birthday cake. wow, there are 11 candles on there, and mark burnt himself trying to light all of them. the boy is getting old. (so is the mom, sigh)
sean's birthday card. yes, it does look like a hardshell taco, and the inside says if you stuffed it with meat, cheese and lettuce, you'd have a paper taco! he loved it (he loves drollery) (gee, i've used that word twice in one post, a prize to the first person who can give me an exact definition of that, lol!)
well, i bought the yarn to make a turtle for steph for christmas. now if she's talking to me at christmas, that will be even better.
(don't ask, i'm not talking (and neither is she, she hasn't been here in 5 days, sigh)).

took the boys to a baseball game this afternoon (free tickets rock, doncha know!), and then, when couldn't stand liam's hugginess, we left and went to the zoo (which is right across the"street") we didn't last there long either, sigh. and sean got his ass in a sling again. he'd had to write 10 words for me this morning, and ended up with 15 more tonight. sigh.

not a lot of crafting this weekend, although i did commit to make a sweater, hat & bootie set to go with some monkeyshines (actually, monkey patterned stuff) for AC4C.

have a nice day.


Michelle said...

Drollery: adj.amusing in an odd way. [g]

Happy Birthday Sean! Sounds like you had the perfect day.

I feel for you. I don't like doctors poking around my unmentionables, either. LOL

Yep, I'm still only on page 340. I read 7, 8, 9 & 10 of the Stephanie Plum series and read Knit One, Kill Too. I'll be diving into it now that the new book will be out soon. It better be good! LOL

Tracy said...

I just love the way they tell you to relax! Yeh right, let's swap and I'll put your cold metal thingy somewhere similar and see if you're still relaxing. Happy birthday to your son, time flies by so quickly.