Monday, July 18, 2005


these are the stitch markers my marker buddy stephanie gave to me. the beads are turquoise with pink flowers, and the charms say inspirational words like imagine, and love. these are great! and she sent them in a charming little organza bag. woohoo!
the gifts abound. my secret pal says this is my S.E.X for the weekend. this is an understudy gift, so i'm really curious what my real gift #2 was supposed to be. and of course, you notice this is cottonease, lol. bad news folks. it's official. she emailed lionbrand, and they are truly discontinuing it. sigh. and yes, that's an opened bag of hershey's minatures. unfortunately, I DIDN'T OPEN IT! i had to put it in the fridge when it got here, because the chocolate had melted (gee, it was only 96F yesterday!)

the boys' grandmother is going to take them for a weekend in august between their birthdays, and mark decided that we needed to get away for the weekend. we'll still be in omaha, but in a hotel room with a whirlpool tub, and microwave and refrigerator. i do NOT envision leaving much. although he does have free movie tickets, so we may go see charlie & the chocolate factory (mark is a closet willie wonka freak). i have insisted on one meal eaten outside the room, so we'll see.

i'm behind the times. i thought i was on washcloth #5. i counted after i finished the last one, and it's #6. wow. they knit up in the time it takes me to read all my blogs (about 2 hours). i am using the chinese wave pattern, which i got from my kr secret pal last year, purlewe. i'll post a link to her blog later, i swear.

i've finished the baby sweater/hat/bootie set, to include a corrected bootie. i've even woven in the ends and sewn on a button. do i rock or what? i'm gonna try for pics, i uninstalled the blasted yahoo toolbar that steph loaded when she loaded yahoo messenger. i'm going to be uninstalling that, too, since her puter is actually working.

yes, that's a pompom on the top of the hat. i don't do pompoms. i think they're a waste of yarn, and time, and annoying as hell, but it does look cute, doesn't it? this was taken this afternoon, prebutton. it has a simple white one right now.

You might be a redneck if the biggest sign on yoru place of business says MINNOWS.

i'm gonna scram now, it's thundering, and i wanna keep my puter!

(yes, it's raining, no watering the garden tomorrow, which is good, because my spigot broke today. i found out (via mark, my wonderful loving fixit guy and husband) that i will need to replace the pipe before winter. joy)

Have a nice day!


vi said...

lemme borrow mark to fix the toilet and I will COOK you a meal you will never forget....

Lynne said...

Minnie, you never said you had a blog! I should go into my comments screen more often... (but it took me MONTHS to work out I could look at comments and find out how to email or reach someone's blog)