Sunday, July 24, 2005

blog change

This is the yarn for my sockpal2za's socks. it's handspun merino. i hope she likes it!
These are the latest stitch markers i got. sorry about the blurry pic, but it's the best one i could get under the circumstances, sigh. these came from suzie . thank you suzie, this is one of my all time favorite colors!
This is the beginning of the "santa" suit for AC4C. not only is it done, but the hat and booties are as well. i'll post a pic of them later. i made an anti-pompom for the hat, lol. i think it's cute.
This is the book that one AC4C member sent to me. all she asked for it was that i make something for AC4C. i told her more than likely, i'd make 6 or 7 DOZEN. she laughed, and sent it on. there's a lot of stuff i won't make, but there is some useful stuff as well, to include cowboy booties! yeeeehaaawwww!
This is the mismatched bootie, that i made a mate and a hat for. amazing how that works out. this, and the santa suit are made with the red yarn from Deb . i'm gettig a lot of mileage out of this. and deb, i'm going to be using the kool wool to make hats for the reservation. but that won't be for a bit, that project is in november.
I've also made the stitchmarkers for the marker exchange over at anita's . they've been shipped, but i'm not gonna show them til i hear everybody got theirs, because i was lazy, and made everybody the same thing. they are cute, though!

sigh. i have been asked not to discuss our "family life" in my blog, so i suppose all you're going to hear now is me bitching about work and what i'm making. i think i may talk to the person who asked this, because this is my release, and i do gain support from you guys when i'm feeling down, or upset. sigh.

You might be a redneck if you've ever appeared on TV with your face digitally blurred.
. . . you think the ability to hold a job is over-rated.
. . . you buy stuff at your own yard sale (hello!?!?!?!?)

Pattern of the Day:
7-21 Lilac Floret Socks. these are pretty. someting funky going on with twisted stitches, so this otta be interesting/
7-22 Min's Afghan. ok, i'm not sure, but this afghan is definitely not my type, lol. it's got flowers! i don't do flowers, unless they're real, lol. but it is very pretty.
7-23,24 Baby Bath Mitt. this is interesting. here i am, churning out baby washcloth after baby washcloth, and this pattern comes up. it's a simple garter stitch in cotton, and i'm seriously tempted. it's even done on straight needles. i'm thinking about switching.

What i'm reading:
Tanqueil by Terry Brooks. i think i'm outgrowing the shannara books, these seem on the same level as Harry Potter. i'm enjoying them though.
The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon. i'm holding out til september, the new one is slated to come then (cross your fingers)
Knight of the Word (on tape). yes folks, i have my van back! books on tape rock!

Have a nice day!


vi said...

hi sweetie
I am having a terrible day......
kill me please....kill me now

who hopes tomorrow is a better day.

--Deb said...

I gave up on Terry Brooks years ago. I loved Sword of Shannara in high school, and loved the sequel (Elfstones) but haven't liked a single one since! Really, the quality of his writing isn't what it should be. Sean Russell, David Eddings, Raymond Feist--much better! (Although they all have high and low points, too, of course.)

TitaniumRose said...

You go right on ahead and post about whatever you want to - if someone doesn't like it then they don't have to read it. =)

Martheme said...

Hi Minnie,

found your note, haven't had a chance to dye anything since the baby, but now that PixieDust is back from her vacation and I'll have some additional help . . . I'm hoping either this week or next to be able to get the pots out again.

the little guy eats constantly so its been tough to do much of anything as yet, as he gets bigger I'm hoping it will get easier . . . I'll let you know once I have the yarn dyed up!

Oh, and I love the Santa suit, very cute!

Suzie said...

I need to get me one of those skein makers! I love the beginnings of the Santa suit, very cute. Hey, glad you got the stitchmarkers!