Tuesday, July 12, 2005

the charity goddess rides again!

ok, blogger isn't wanting to cooperate and let me ove these pics, so here we go. this is the completed stocking that i finished tonight. it took some doing to get this pic, because everything kept coming out blurry (it's not my technological night, apparently)
This is the completed star afghan. i bought the red white & blue in a fit of pique (also known as retail therapy) when sean's doctor left 5 minutes before i got there. the red is from deb she was cleaing her stash and sent this too me

This is the progress on the charity stocking as of last night when i went to bed. mind you, this is my own pattern. i'll post it later.

fucking blogger. lthat isn't supposed to be the whole ink to deb's blog, but i'm annoyed. it's not cooperating at all.

you can have more tomorrow, i'm tired and annoyed.

have a good day


vi said...

who's toes are them thar toes?

vi said...

oh and I think that star is very very neat