Sunday, July 10, 2005

part deux

well fooey, apparently blogger has a 5 picture per day limit. nuts. i was gonna show you my supper from friday night! dang. i suppose y'all will jsut have to wait until monday.

the weekend has been quiet, thank god. IFP came saturday morning (she's trying to catch up hours) and then the boys and i vegged all afternoon. mark finally called at 530 and said he wasn't hungry, so we didn't go over. today mark came over and brought the lawn mower, so liam could mow, and he brought his brush saw because one of my smoke bushes died, and it needed to be cut out. he stayed and watched the boys so i could go to walmart in peace. it was nice. i actually got some shopping done without boys bugging me, or having to worry that they were terrorizing the games area. bliss indeed, even if i spent way too much money, yet again. sigh.

friday was a bit frightening, though. i went to pick my mom up for her doctor's appointment with the hematologist she normally goes to, and found her in bed. she said she was dizzy, which scared me. so i called the doctor, and they finally told me to take her to the hospital. she was walking drunk, so i hung on to her, and got her to the van. i got her there, and they checked her heart rate, because of the pacemaker (which had been tested on thursday, and was fine) and did some blood work. here's the funny part. my dad had gone on a low sodium diet when i was still home (i think i was 16 or so) for high blood pressure. so, my folks had been following this diet for over 20 years. because of all the medication she's on to keep her blood pressure down, her sodium level dropped to the point that it made her dizzy. so, no more low sodium crackers, no salt added veggies, lite salt, etc. wow, will this be a change for her!

i am certifiable. it's positive now. i just started ANOTHER project. i was reading AC4C last night, and there was a special request for stockings for one of the members. her church gives out stockings at christmas time to poor families, and they need stockings. so i perused the patterns they had posted, and didn't care for either the # of pages, or the pattern itself. so i decided to create my own pattern. this on top of the rooster table runner, the star afghan (which is almost done) and the baby washcloths. not to mention the projects that have languished like the redhat purse, and mark's sweater, and rogue. sigh. i'm a project floozie.


You might be a redneck if your favorite actor is E.T.
. . . you have the entire WWE slurpie cup collection proudly displayed on a shelf in your trailer. (liam liked this one, lol)

Pattern of the Day: Waikiki T-Strap Top. very cute, but i can't wear it (my bust protest too much, sigh). and i don't know anyone close enough to be flat chested enough to wear this.

Eyelet-Edged Placemats & Coasters. this is nice, but it's borderline "non pattern." it's garter stitch with a row of yarnovers tossed in at the edges. hmmmmm. can i get paid for stuff like this too?

Have a nice day!

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