Sunday, May 29, 2005

all quiet on the western front

i've finished 2 more hats to go with the booties, but i'm going to be hard pressed to finish the last 2. life just seems to want me to run in circles, and have absolutely no time to sit and knit. sigh.

the tiller broke down as soon as we pulled it off mark's truck, so no garden patch. and it's raining today, so i can't even spade it. dammit.

sean decided to run away today. fortunately, he changed his mind when i told him that if he did so, not only would the state keep him when they found him, they'd probably take liam away as well. that seemed to calm him down. i also told him he's responsible for his actions. "but i'm ADHD!" bullshit. i told him his brother and sister are adhd as well, and they don't act like raving maniacs. they know they have to be responsible for their actions, and act accordingly. sometimes i feel like i'm dealing with a 4 year old. sigh. i'm also going to take away his library books. they're going back. he's not happy about that one at all, but there are a ton of books around here, so it's not like i'm depriving him of reading all together, lol.

today is a boring grey day. i don't know what we're going to do, but i need to do laundry. this is day 4 of my time off, and i feel weird.

here's a whole ton of rednecks and patterns.

you might be a redneck if your cap violates a health code.
you might be a redneck if your tv is on 24/7.
you might be a redneck if you thinka "health kick" means smoking light cigarettes and drinking wine coolers.
you might be a redneck if you've ever told a bride, "you clean upu pretty good."

fingerless felted gloves. this has potential. i hear christmas presents. of course, for those who are not allergic to wool. maybe i'll spin up some of what i've got, and use that (yeah, right. right after i gain world peace)

shimmering lace scarf. this is very pretty, but looks like the basic feather and fan pattern. it's appeal is the yarn, of course.

sure fit sampler hat. hey, i like this! simple, easy, and something different to do for the charity stuff.

What i'm reading.

i'm listening to Dune, Machine Crusade, in the car. almost done. after the first book, brian has finally found his father's rhythm.
and the boy who wanted to live forever was written by frederick pohl, not piers anthony. sorry piers. still not a bad read, just very simplistic.

just finished The Fairy Godmother, by mercedes Lackey. that woman can write! not your traditionaly fairy tale, but puts an interesting twist on it, and the guy still gets the girl! woohoo!

Have a nice day (and memorial day for those americans who read)


Anonymous said...

Sure Fit Sampler Hat pattern

I read on your home page that you liked the pattern. I can't find it on the web any place.

could you forward the pattern to me if you have it

Judy/springboro ohio

Anonymous said...

Sure Fit Sampler Hat pattern

judy springboro ohio

if you have the pattern I'd love it if you could forward to my email.