Wednesday, May 18, 2005

now for life

i knit a pair of booties at work, but had to stop when tracie asked me if i had any purses (le bag) for her as she has a show this weekend. ack! i can't do it. i have no buttons for the bag i have felted, and the one i have on the needles is no where near ready. sigh. i will have to tell her tomorrow.

i finished another pair of pepto booties last night,a nd got one single done as well. and tracie* complimented my work. i had made a hand flower (i'll post a pic when i get mine back) and tracie asked if she could see it. i gave it to her yesterday, and noticed her examining it quite thoroughly. she gave me a note today saying:

"I love it. It is so nice to see someone else with excellent work :). I assume you did the tie - I'd like to know how :)" i always thought my stuff was crap, but apparently not so. i'll explain the tie when i post the pic.

we told the boys about john relinquishing his parental rights tonight. liam's reaction was as expected. he's decided to move on with his life (a very mature viewpoint) and forget about him. he's pleased that he will get to determine the where and why and how of meeting up with john again. sean's reaction surprised me. he was happy. but he wants to see john, i think if only to find out why he "hated" him so much. sad that sean feels that way. john just didn't know how to parent.

and i'm gonna quit there, i'm whipped

You might be a redneck if you've ever ordered a bucket of skin from KFC (ew!)

Pattern of the Day: Array of Colors Black Pullover. this is kinda pretty, but not my cuppa. maybe if i did it as shades of blue instead of the rainbow colors. who knows.

Have a nice day!

*tracie is a co-worker who has agreed to sell my bags at her booth in craft shows, since i dont' have the time or energy to devote to such an endeavor. she's a sweet lady, that's for sure.

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vi said...

congrads on the boys being free of an immature parental unit
oh man that is the bestest